What to Include in a Butler’s Pantry

Including a butler’s pantry in your next kitchen renovation project will ensure a dedicated working space as well as an abundance of additional storage for the kitchen. There are many factors to consider in creating not only the perfect look in your design but also a well-functioning space that will best meet your cooking and storage needs in the home, from the right cabinetry layout to the best appliances that will best meet your needs and lifestyle.

Butler’s Pantry Cabinetry

Cabinetry in a butler’s pantry is normally designed to complement the main kitchen colour scheme. It can either match the finish and style of your kitchen cabinets exactly or it can be designed in a way that will offer a nod to the kitchen’s style in a more dialed back fashion. An example of this is complementing luxurious two pack finished kitchen cabinets with a coordinating coloured laminate or vinyl wrap option in the butler’s pantry which still provides a wonderfully hard wearing surface finish while also being a more cost effective option for this tucked away area of the home.

Hafele Le Mans Corner Pull Out_Albert Park Kitchen Renovation
Including a selection of pull-out and cabinetry organisational systems in the butler’s pantry will ensure all of your stored items are easily and comfortable accessible. A pull-out corner unit ensures that no space is wasted in our Albert Park kitchen renovation in this example!

In terms of the actual design and layout of your butler’s pantry cabinetry, a galley style is often the most popular option, allowing for a highly functional space in this utility area of the home. Using a combination of open shelves, drawers and cupboards will provide an ample amount of highly versatile, functional and easily accessible storage space while pantry organisational items such as canisters, baskets and drawer dividers will provide the finishing touch to the design.

Benchtop & Splashback Selections for the Butler’s Pantry

Where selecting a style and colour scheme for your butler’s pantry cabinetry offers an element of freedom in choices, using a matching (or near matching) benchtop and splashback as that used in your main kitchen will allow for the perfect sense of continuity. These elements of the design are at eye level and as the butler’s pantry will normally be situated directly beside the household’s kitchen, it is important to create a strong connection between these two spaces. This may mean using the same materials or alternatively, using a near matching option that will still allow for a strong sense of continuity between the two spaces.

Splashback Tiles
The wonderfully tactile Meca ceramic tile collection (available at Perini Tiles) is available a range of soft, neutral tones, offering the perfect complement to your main kitchen colour scheme.

Appliances & Fittings

Selecting appliances and fittings for your new butler’s pantry is a highly personal choice as this space should be specifically designed to meet your needs and individual cooking style. For example, where some homes prefer to not to include a microwave oven in their design, other households simply cannot live without them! It is important to select items for the space that will directly meet your needs: Options range from fridge/freezers, microwave or steam ovens, coffee machines and of course, a sink and pull-out sink mixer. Using a pull-out sink mixer in the butler’s pantry allows for a more versatile workspace where you can use the pull-out hose to wash larger trays and serving dishes or fill mop buckets for cleaning up in the kitchen area.

Fisher & Paykel Wall Oven
Fisher & Paykel’s companion appliance collection includes steam ovens, coffee machines and warming drawers. These can be built into your wall cabinets in the butler’s pantry or be placed on display in the main kitchen area to create a streamlined look.

You will also want to consider which small appliances you wish to house in the butler’s pantry: electric kettles, toasters, stand mixers, slow cookers, multi-cookers or bread-makers – These small appliances can all be kept in the butler’s pantry to create a clutter free environment in the kitchen while also allowing you to create the ultimate versatile workspace.

Other Items to Consider

A well designed butler’s pantry will include a range of highly personalised features that are specifically selected to meet you individual needs. Other items to consider including in the space are electrical features such as extra power-points for small appliances (helping to keep your main kitchen’s benchtops free of clutter) as well as adequate artificial lighting solutions. As this space is used to store food items and fresh produce, it is important to consider your lighting options; direct streams of intense natural sunlight may cause food to spoil, making artificial lighting solutions such as ceiling downlights as well as LED strip lighting the perfect options for this space.

Creating the perfect butler’s pantry in your next kitchen renovation project requires attention to details such as flexible storage options as well as ease of use while also ensuring the colour palette effortlessly ties in with your overall kitchen design scheme. Our design team at Perini Renovations will assist you in the creation of the perfect kitchen and butler’s pantry, taking your project from the design stage throughout construction for an all-in-one experience.

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