European Laundry Design Tips

European laundry cupboards have grown in popularity over the years here in Australia. When designed correctly, these nifty, compact laundry nooks house all the necessities needed to efficiently carry out daily chores without any wasted space, providing a well-functioning and space-saving alternative to the traditional laundry room layout. There are a few things to consider when creating the perfect laundry cupboard, from its actual placement in your home to which items you want to include in the design in order to achieve a successful design that will suit your family’s needs.

What is a European Laundry?

A European laundry cupboard is a small laundry setup that sits behind cabinetry, cleverly concealed to create a clutter-free and modern look in the home. This particular design provides the perfect solution for smaller homes hence the configuration’s popularity in European apartments where space can often be at a premium.

A well designed laundry cupboard will include all the bits and pieces required to efficiently carry out your daily cleaning chores, using creative design solutions in order to make the most of all the available space.

Richmond Bathroom Renovation_Laundry in Bathroom Design
Our Richmond bathroom renovation includes a luxurious European laundry closet that houses all of the necessities, from a comfortable sized trough and open bench space as well as a washer and wall mounted dryer.

European Laundry Cupboard Placement in the Home

A European Laundry Cupboard is traditionally installed either within or closer to the kitchen, keeping all service-type areas of the home in the one place. As kitchens in Australia are most often part of an open-plan design scheme however, it is often preferred to keep the loud laundry appliances well away from the living and dining zones that are usually included in the popular open plan design layouts.

A laundry cupboard can instead be included as part of a Butler’s Pantry, a mud room that leads to the outdoors, within your main bathroom or in a discreet hallway location in the home that is situated well away from any living areas. Some homes prefer to install the laundry cupboard closer to the bedrooms as a means of ensuring all dirty laundry can immediately be removed from these areas. This decision will strongly depend on your own preferences and habits: If you prefer to leave the machines going overnight, keeping your European laundry away from the bedrooms is the best choice.

Laundry Benchtops

Much like the kitchen and bathroom, there are many different options to consider when selecting a laundry benchtop, from traditional and cost effective laminates and timbers to more hard wearing engineered and natural stones. Where your laundry cupboard is placed within close proximity to your kitchen, creating a coordinated look is ideal in order to maintain a sense of continuity in your home’s overall design scheme. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the laundry benchtop has to be an identical match to your kitchen but keeping a consistent look is key. For example, if your kitchen design includes a neutral colour scheme made up of whites, greys and timber, you can use any one of these colours as your laundry benchtop, effectively tying the two spaces together while still allowing for some creativity in your colour choices.

Collingwood Bathroom Renovation_Laundry in Bathroom
Our Collingwood bathroom renovation uses clever bi-fold doors to allow full and comfortable access to the laundry appliances in the smaller space. The benchtop is matched with the vanity top to ensure a sense of continuity within the design.

The laundry is not often an area of the home where luxury finishes are used; marble countertops for example, are most often seen in the kitchen, bathroom or dining area with the laundry being more of a service type room that is usually tucked away either in its own space or in a cupboard. You will find that any sort of material will be suitable as a laundry benchtop, with laminate, timber and standard range engineered stones being particularly popular, providing a luxurious look at a reasonable price tag.

European Laundry Cupboard Features

A creative design as well as a clear picture of your requirements in a laundry will allow for clever solutions in your new European laundry cupboard. Consider the way that you prefer to actually use your existing laundry: Do you use a dryer or do you prefer to air dry your clothes? If you use a dryer, a stacked washer and dryer set can be installed in your new European laundry. If air drying is preferable, you can instead include a hanging rail within the cupboard that will allow you hang clean clothes to dry naturally. Do you make use of a laundry trough or would you prefer a smaller trough instead? Large laundry troughs are not always used as often and can usually be replaced by a much smaller model, allowing you to use the extra space for a larger benchtop or added storage. Do you find yourself needing more or less storage or bench space in your existing laundry? Create a detailed list of each of these considerations in order to create a specific brief that will guide the design of your new laundry cupboard.

With a creative design and adequate space, a European laundry cupboard can comfortably include a small to medium sized trough, both a washer and dryer and a small pull-out laundry hamper as well as a combination of storage space or hanging/drying rails where possible. For added flexibility, include a pull-out sink mixer that comes equipped with a built-in hose, allowing you to easily fill up mop buckets even with a smaller sized trough. A European laundry cupboard provides the perfect fit for smaller homes or homeowners who would prefer to use this space in ways that would better suit their needs and lifestyle. Our design team at Perini Renovations can assist you in the creation of your perfect laundry room or laundry cupboard, creating the ideal layout that will meet all of your needs.

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