How to create a Hamptons Style Kitchen

The Hamptons style of interior design offers a light, breezy and sophisticated approach that will provide a timeless elegance in your home making it a perfect fit for a classy kitchen. Hamptons styled kitchens are defined by several key factors, including feature cabinetry, a luxurious selection of materials and finishes as well as metallic highlights in your tapware, cabinetry handles and light fixtures which all work together to create a brilliantly harmonious look. Our guide runs through these key design elements to help you create the perfect Hamptons style look in your kitchen renovation.

Feature Cabinetry in a Hamptons Style Kitchen

A key element of every Hamptons style kitchen is feature cabinetry, most often Shaker style doors or other similar minimalist styles. Such door profiles are available in a few different kitchen cabinetry finishes ranging from vinyl wrap, two pack paint and solid timber. Each of these cabinetry finishes are available in an enormous variety of colours and sheen levels to help you achieve a custom look in your kitchen renovation. For a true Hamptons style look, we would recommend steering clear of any ultra-high gloss cabinetry finishes and instead opting for either a matte, satin or semi-gloss sheen level that will contribute to creating that true Hamptons style in your home.

Modern Hamptons Kitchen style
Our Fitzroy kitchen renovation presents a modern take on the usual Hamptons style with the use of two-toned cabinetry, combining a warm white with stormy grey for a more contemporary finish. A glimmering glass mosaic tile has been used to adorn the central kitchen island and is also reflected on the splashback for a balanced and symmetrical look.

Choose Timeless Materials & Kitchen Colour Schemes

Combining a relaxed, coastal vibe with luxurious and sophisticated finishes is the key to creating the perfect Hamptons style kitchen design. Hamptons styled interiors will most often make use of a very coastal inspired colour palette, including crisp warm whites, misty greys, powder blues and other pastel tones which all help create the breezy and light vibe that has become synonymous with this style. If you prefer a darker colour palette, contrast white features with deeper tones such as navy blue or charcoal for a bold and sophisticated take on the traditional Hamptons style.

Marble finishes are another key element that is often seen in this style of interior design and can be included in your new kitchen as either a benchtop finish, splashback or both for a continuous and balanced look. A luxurious natural stone, marble is porous in nature and will require sealing immediately after installation as well as every couple of years thereafter however, you do have the option of using an engineered ‘lookalike’ product which will not require the same level of maintenance if this is something you’d prefer. Composite stone brands such as Caesarstone and Essastone include incredibly realistic pieces in their collections that simulate the organic veins and colour variations normally seen in natural products. These surfaces can be used as both a benchtop and splashback feature to create a seamless look in your Hamptons style kitchen renovation.

Hamptons Kitchen Splashback Ideas
Natural stone tiles are the perfect fit for a Hamptons kitchen renovation thanks to their timeless and elegant qualities.

A marble tile splashback is another stylish option that is a perfect fit for this style of kitchen design with both natural stone and engineered products also available. If the maintenance of a natural stone is of concern to you, using a natural stone splashback tile instead of benchtop may be a better fit as the vertical application means your splashback will not see the same wear as a busy kitchen benchtop.

Fittings & Appliances

Classic styled fittings and appliances offer a sleek and timeless look in a Hamptons style kitchen, effectively combining the old with the new to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your design. Matching your kitchen tapware with your cabinetry handles will provide a balanced look in this style; options to consider include: classic chrome, matte black, gold or brass, with chrome and black being the most popular selections for Hamptons inspired designs.

Of course, any modern kitchen appliance will blend into this specific design style however, if you prefer more of a traditional look, many manufacturers offer collections that are designed with true vintage inspiration while also making the most of modern cooking technology to create unique pieces that are perfect for the avid home cook. Visit your local kitchen appliance showroom to view their complete collections as well as complimenting small appliances such as toasters and kettles that will help tie your design together.

Hamptons Kitchen_Appliances Smeg
Smeg’s Victoria Collection of appliances includes stylish freestanding cookers as well as built-in models and matching warming drawers, steam ovens and more. A perfect combination of old world charm and modern cooking technology, the collection makes for the perfect fit in a luxurious Hamptons inspired kitchen design.

Metallic Feature Lighting

Complete your Hamptons style kitchen renovation with a selection of feature lighting fixtures in a luxe metallic finish. With a myriad of stunning designs to choose from, pendant lights offer the perfect solution for a Hamptons style kitchen. Often most effective in both function and visual impact when installed over an island bench, pendant light fixtures can also be included as a centrepiece in a larger ‘U’-shaped kitchen, filling in any potential open areas and providing a central ambient lighting solution.

Using all of these elements, you can create the ultimate in Hamptons inspired spaces in your home. Our experienced and knowledgeable team at Perini Renovations will guide you through each step of the journey to help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

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