First Steps to Planning a Renovation

Whether you are planning a kitchen renovation, a bathroom remodel or an entire home renovation, the process can oftentimes be a little daunting at first. The best way to take control of your project is to spend a little time researching your options and deciding which products, finishes and fixtures will be the best fit for your home and your lifestyle while also setting yourself a realistic budget.

Our 5 step guide to planning a renovation will help you create a detailed project brief, ready to handover to your builder for a smooth and stress free renovation!

Analyse your Space

The best way to start planning your bathroom renovation, kitchen remodel or full home renovation is to take some notes based on your existing space. Make sure to note down which elements of the existing design you find are working well for you, as well as which areas you feel could use some improvement. For example, does your existing kitchen offer sufficient storage space? Is the existing storage difficult or easy for you to access? Does your home’s overall circulation need improving?

Hawthorn Kitchen Renovation
Using the latest in kitchen hardware, this modern kitchen renovation by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms is an excellent example of just how effective the right storage solutions can be in maximising your design’s functionality.

Be as detailed as you feel is necessary in your notes; these notes will assist you in creating a thoroughly detailed brief that your Builder can work with to bring your vision to life.

Based on your notes, you will also have determined your Renovation Must Haves; these are the elements that MUST be included in your design! Once again, your preferences here will give your Builder an excellent direction to work with, ensuring you are completely satisfied with your newly renovated home.

Creating a Mood Board

You’ve established a clear and thorough brief for your builder to work with; now it’s time to consider the overall look you are looking to achieve in your bathroom renovation or kitchen remodel. Pinterest is an excellent place to start; think of this social media platform as an image based search engine. You’ll find a world of ideas and inspiration, from colour schemes to hardware and the latest top of the line appliances. Setting up a free Pinterest account will also allow you the option of creating ‘Boards’ (or folders) to help you save and organise your favourite images and articles, making it much easier to sort through later on.

After you’ve spent a little time browsing the different options and creating your digital mood boards, you’ll start to see a few common threads. Have a good look at the images you’ve saved and you should see some similarities (for example, you may have saved a lot of images that feature marble benchtops or gold hardware), giving you an excellent direction of the overall style you’d prefer in your home.

Collingwood Kitchen Renovation
Bold pops of colour pair with neutral finishes in this contemporary kitchen renovation in Collingwood by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms.

Setting a Renovation Budget

Settling on a realistic budget early on during your planning process is an excellent precaution to take. If you are unsure how much exactly your kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel will potentially cost, instead consider just how much you are comfortable to spend while also taking into consideration the value of your home. You will gain a better understanding of overall pricing once you start the process of researching your fittings and fixtures (as outlined in the next step) and can confirm the remaining details with your Builder.

Fixtures & Finishes

You’ve created your mood boars and design brief, now it’s time to consider what types of appliances, fixtures and fittings will be included in your renovation. We highly recommend visiting a couple of showrooms during this step as this will give you an excellent understanding of the different options available for your home renovation as well as the opportunity to view your selections in the flesh before making any final decisions. If you are planning an upcoming kitchen renovation, seek out a showroom that has your preferred kitchen appliances on display where you have the option of checking out all the functions as well as the appliance’s overall capacity and size. We would also highly recommend viewing your preferred kitchen benchtop in its full size (especially when selecting a stone benchtop) as sample chips will only provide a small representation of the slab.

Hawthorn Bathroom Renovation
Our Hawthorn Bathroom Renovation uses several complimenting finishes to create a luxurious, Art Deco inspired space. The home’s original timber flooring is contrasted with smooth black tiles and softer concrete-look porcelain tiles. A bold, black marble vanity completes the look in this sophisticated home.

When planning a bathroom renovation, seek out a showroom that has working showerhead displays to gain a better idea of the items you’ve selected. As awkward as it may be, have a good look at your preferred toilet suite options too: Take a seat and make sure you are comfortable before making any final decisions! You will also want to plan a visit to Perini Tiles where our experienced team of Interior Designers will assist you in putting together your vision and guide you through the process of selecting not only your tiles, but also your vanity top and cabinetry finishes as well to complete the look.

Meeting your Builder & Creating your Design

After you’ve had some time to explore the options and possibilities available for your home renovation, your next and final step is to meet with your Designer and Builder to create your dream home! Together with your design brief and style preferences, meet with your Builder to create a design, settle on a budget and get started on your project. Your Builder will be able to advise you if your selections fall within your budget and guide you through the process of selecting any alternative options if need be. They will also create a custom design for your project that meets all of your needs, as well as keep your project running smoothly and within budget.

Simply by spending a little time to carefully plan and research your home renovation, you can ensure a smooth and stress free experience while creating your dream home. Our experienced team at Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms is able to assist you with every step of the way, from putting together your favourite colours and finishes, to creating the perfect design to suit your needs and lifestyle.

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