Different Kitchen Styles & Why they are so Popular

Being an investment into your property, timeless appeal is the ultimate goal of every kitchen renovation. The latest trends in kitchen designs, although inspired by fashionable movements such as Industrial, Hamptons or Scandinavian styles, all strive to create a modern twist on these favourites, ensuring their timeless appeal.

Each of the following examples, although very different in style and aesthetic, share one common theme; each space  shows elements of particular trends but place more emphasis on the overall design’s timeless appeal, ensuring a new kitchen that will outlast any trend!

Modern Hamptons Style Kitchen Design

The Hamptons style is exemplified by shaker style cabinetry faces, stylish, chunky stone benchtops and classic, tiled splashbacks. Feature hardware is another common characteristic of the Hamptons style, demonstrated by matching handles, tapware and pendant lighting. This style provides a very well sought after look for the home thanks to its casual elegance and timeless appeal. Your home is your safe haven, a place where you can shut off the rest of the world and truly relax and what better way to create a relaxing environment than with the cool, coastal tones commonly used in Hamptons styled interiors?

Modern Hamptons Kitchen Design
The above example of a Hamptons style kitchen puts a modern spin on this classic look, retaining the pure white, shaker style cabinetry often spotted in this design style and pairing it with a sleek marble benchtop and a glittering glass mosaic feature tile. Modern, sleek appliances further modernise this style, combining the old with the new to ensure a kitchen that will last a lifetime.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Scandinavian interiors have been all the rage in the world of interior design in recent years, thanks to this style’s minimalist yet rustic aesthetic. Sleek and clean materials in neutral tones complement each other, without any element competing for attention but instead, working together to create a truly harmonious vibe in the home. A Scandinavian inspired kitchen can easily be spruced up with colourful accessories and décor when seasons and trends change in the future as the traditional tones and materials used in this scheme (ranging from cool whites to soft timbers) pair extremely well with just about any style of home accessory; The perfect, nature-inspired canvas for your own personal touch!

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas
A sleek and modern design by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms, this kitchen shows a modern twist on the traditional Scandi-inspired home. Light timber is paired with a bold chocolate toned benchtop, brightened up with a complimenting breakfast bar and neutral splashback tile. Each element compliments the next to create a truly balanced look in this modern kitchen.

Classic Kitchen Designs

A perfect fit for a traditional styled home, classic styled kitchens incorporate materials that are tried and tested: they have already stood the test of time and continue to be on trend in our interiors. Warm timber flooring is used in the example below, paired with a shimmering bronze mosaic splashback and engineered marble-look benchtop; each of these materials have long been favourites in home design over the years as they offer enduring appeal, ensuring a kitchen that is always on trend.

Classic Kitchen Design Ideas
This classic styled Armadale kitchen renovation by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms boasts modern appliances paired with the classic and traditional vibe of warm timber flooring, bronze mosaic tiles and a simulated marble benchtop.

Contemporary Industrial Kitchen Design

An industrial kitchen design is made up of sleek, modern design elements, ranging from concrete finishes to glossy cabinetry and metallic elements. The perfect fit for the modern home, a contemporary industrial kitchen makes use of the latest in kitchen technology to ensure a lengthy lifespan as well of course, as a highly functional and efficient space for the home chef.

Our modern industrial themed kitchen design below boasts pure white countertops contrasted by high gloss dark cabinetry and sleek, metallic elements such as a stainless steel feature bar-top, modern appliances and feature pendant lighting over the island benchtop.

Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas
This contemporary industrial kitchen renovation by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms includes a completely custom design to suit the owner’s ultra-modern taste and creative flair. A custom made wine rack to the right hand side of the kitchen provides ample and easy to access storage for the avid wine connoisseur, while open shelving over a mirror finish splashback creates a sense of openness in the space.

Aside from providing a timeless look in your home, selecting a specific design theme for your kitchen renovation has other advantages. Each design theme lends itself to particular materials and finishes, which ultimately assists in narrowing down your design choices, making the entire process much smoother. For example, an industrial theme immediately conjures up images of sleek concrete benchtops, metallic finishes and ultra-modern features. When considering a classic design theme on the other hand, one would immediately consider warm timbers, marble benchtops and opulent splashback materials.

Designing a new kitchen is an exciting venture and our experienced and knowledgeable team at Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms can guide your through the entire process, from design through to completion for a stress-free project!

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