The Latest Laundry Renovation Ideas

A home’s laundry room is often a very versatile space that houses much more than clothing and cleaning products. Laundry benchtops are used for small kitchen appliances such as bread makers or slow cookers. Laundry cupboards often contain storage space for bed linens, brooms, vacuum cleaners, sewing kits and other miscellaneous household products.

As the laundry room has evolved into a multi-use space of the home, so have design considerations for this area, creating a highly functional and efficient space that can serve many purposes.

Laundry Cupboards

An excellent design solution for smaller and larger homes alike, a laundry cupboard effectively contains your washer, dryer, trough and laundry hamper within the confines of a cupboard. A laundry closet can be situated closer to the main bathroom of your home for optimum efficiency, within or closer to your kitchen, or in a dedicated laundry room where you would prefer to keep the appliances tucked away, especially when the laundry acts as a transitional space from the main house to the outdoors or garage for example. Initially made popular in European apartments, this laundry design solution works well in homes where the laundry is strictly used for cleaning purposes.

Richmond renovation
This Richmond bathroom renovation by Perini Renovations includes a laundry cupboard within the bathroom for optimum efficiency and ease of access. The laundry cupboard itself includes ample storage space for cleaning detergents, as well as a large trough and pull-out sink mixer for added versatility.

Added Laundry Storage & Benchtop Space

Including additional benchtop and storage space in the laundry creates a highly efficient working zone that has the unique ability to act as a multi-purpose room in the home. Aside from using the added bench space as a folding and ironing area, the larger benchtop can also house your seldom used small kitchen appliances, with bread makers, slow cookers and air fryers being popular choices to include in a laundry room rather than within the kitchen itself. These appliances tend to take up a fair chunk of valuable space in the kitchen and as it can be quite cumbersome to move them in and out of storage, using them in the laundry instead provides the perfect solution.

Balwyn renovation
Including ample storage and benchtop space, this crisp white Balwyn laundry renovation by Perini Renovations makes for the perfect multi-functional room. The large benchtop can not only be used for ironing and folding your laundry, but it can also be used for small kitchen appliances you’d prefer to be outside of the main kitchen. The large cupboards provide plenty of versatile storage space for this home, housing bed linens and other sundry household items.

Drying Cupboards & Hanging Rails

Another excellent idea to include in your next laundry renovation is a drying facility that makes use of fresh air rather than an electric dryer. If space allows, a dedicated drying cupboard is an excellent choice for the home; this cupboard will include a built-in hanging rail, allowing you to hang your clothes while drying, effectively minimising creases in the fabric. These cupboards should also include a form of ventilation to allow for proper air circulation, thus avoiding the build-up of mould or mildew in your new cabinetry. If you are short on space in the laundry, the simple addition of a hanging rail installed directly beneath your overhead cupboards offers an excellent alternative.

South Melbourne home builder
Part of a complete new home build in South Melbourne by Perini renovations, this laundry room includes a corner drying cupboard with a ventilated door, allowing fresh air to circulate and thus avoiding the build-up of mould or mildew.

Laundry/Bathroom Combination

When space in the home is at a premium, creating separate rooms for the laundry and the main bathroom can be a challenge. Incorporating your new laundry (or laundry closet) within your home’s main bathroom is an excellent space-saving technique that offers the additional benefit of being a highly efficient design solution, with any used bathroom towels and clothing going straight into the laundry rather than needing to be moved to another space altogether. This solution is however, not always the best fit, especially in larger family homes where more than one person may need to use the facilities at the same time, making it a much better option for smaller families, apartments and units.

Collingwood Bathroom Laundry Renovation
Part of a Collingwood studio apartment renovation, this space houses a luxurious bathroom, as well as a laundry cupboard and separate trough, making the very best use of the available space.

Laundry Organisation & Storage Solutions

Leading the way in optimum home organisation and practical storage solutions, Hafele offers a vast range of options that make everyday tasks much simpler. From pull-out shelving units to built-in hampers and ironing boards, Hafele’s products assist the creation of highly functional spaces with an emphasis on quality and durability.

Hafele Laundry Design Solutions
Pull-out cleaning caddies, ironing boards and ventilated laundry hampers are all included in Hafele’s quality collection of interior design solutions.

Depending on your own individual needs and your home’s overall layout and design style, a laundry room can either be a large multi-functional space, make up a smaller portion of your bathroom, or be neatly tucked away behind a cupboard in another part of the home. Perini Renovations provides design and construction services throughout Melbourne, including complete new home builds or renovations, kitchen, bathroom and of course, laundry renovations to help you create the very best design solution for your needs. Get in touch with our team to get started on your renovation journey!

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