Things to Expect When Renovating

The renovation process can get messy. It can be noisy and time consuming. It can be tough and almost feel as if it will never end, but we promise you, it is most definitely all worth it in the end! You can rest assured that our experienced and qualified team at Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms will guide you through every step of the way, making the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible during the creation of your dream home. Seasoned renovators know full well what steps are involved in preparing for a home renovation, be it a kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation. For those starting on their first renovation project however, our simple guide will help in your preparations.

Preparing for a Renovation

Take some time to organise your home and family prior to your home renovation. Things to consider include:

Will you stay in your home during the renovation or stay somewhere else?

When renovating an entire home, it is of course, much less of a strain on your family to leave the property and either rent a temporary home, stay with friends or family or better yet, jet off on a holiday! However, if you are simply working on a bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation, i.e. a single space in the home, you can choose to stay in the property while making some small adjustments to your daily routine.

Store away any breakables and make some space for your workers.

Whether you are staying in the property or not, it’s always a good idea to carefully store any breakable items out of the way for peace of mind, especially anything that is normally located near the areas of the home that are being renovated, to avoid any accidents. Clear a path from the entry/exit that your workers will be using, straight to the areas that are being renovated to ensure a clear, comfortable work space and ease of access.

Inform your Builder of any special parking arrangements

There will need to be a clear plan on where workers are permitted to park as well as any special access requirements. Are you able to have vehicles parked in your driveway? Is on street parking permitted in your area and if so, will staff require a parking permit?

Balwyn Kitchen Renovation
Balwyn Kitchen Renovation by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms

Noise & Mess!

Renovating your home can get a little MESSY! It is an unfortunate consequence of any home renovation with dust being the main culprit.  Thankfully, not only will our team take any necessary precautions to minimise the mess but they will also clean up at the end of the job, leaving you with a clean, newly renovated space.

Carrying on from the above mentioned preparations, you may also want to consider the following precautions:

  • Cover your furniture with sheets to avoid any dust settling
  • Leave door mats at the key point of access your workers will be using during your renovation
  • Remove fabric window furnishings (curtains or roller blinds for example) from the spaces that are being renovated – These can be tricky to clean up afterwards, so it is best to remove them before your renovation starts.

Perini Renovations will also take any necessary precautions to help in minimising dust movement as much as possible: Carpeted areas where workers will need access to will be covered with secured plastic sheets to avoid any damage to your floor finish; drop sheets will be used throughout the home as needed and of course, your newly renovated space will be professionally cleaned at the end of the project as part of your contract.

As can be expected, a home renovation can also be very noisy, with tools being used throughout the day and a whole team of workers to coordinate. Perini Renovations will ensure noise is kept at a reasonable level and only within your local Council’s guidelines to help minimise any disruption.

Tough Decisions & Budget Adjustments

Spending some time to carefully plan your design prior to getting started on your renovation is the best way to make sure you are happy with the final outcome. Sometimes though, you cannot help changing your mind on something during the process! If you are reconsidering your options, make sure to speak to your Builder immediately; by the time your home renovation has started, products have already been ordered, stock has been secured, etc., so it is crucial to let your Builder know what you are thinking to make sure a design change does not lead to any delays in your project. Keep those lines of communication open between yourself and your Builder to ensure a smooth and stress free renovation.

Hawthorn Bathroom Renovation_Art Deco Bathroom Design
Hawthorn Bathroom Renovation by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms

Unavoidable Delays or Expenses

Although your Builder will do everything possible to avoid any delays in your project, sometimes they are simply unavoidable! There are many factors that can contribute to a delay in your kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel and one of the biggest of these is design changes during the course of construction. As mentioned above, design changes can be accommodated however, if those items have already been manufactured or even installed, it can add some time and expense to your project.

Simply altering an existing order will usually not lead to any delay however, if the item has already been installed then it can be a different matter. For example, if your new tiled splashback has already been installed but you’re second guessing your choices, there may be a delay in your project due to few reasons: There may be a lead time when ordering your new selected splashback, and then of course, re-installation will be subject to the Tiler’s availability. Once again, communicate with your Builder who will be able to assist you with your choices as well as keeping your project on track.

South Melbourne Kitchen Renovation_Modern Kitchen Design
South Melbourne Kitchen Renovation by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms

A Celebration!

You’ve finished your home renovation, now it’s time to celebrate! We all know just how frustrating a renovation can be however, the disruption is only temporary and will be well worth the stress in the end! A well planned and managed renovation shouldn’t cause you too many dramas and our team at Perini’s strive to make the entire process as stress free as possible, guiding you through every step of the way, taking a very hands-on approach to supervising and managing every aspect of your renovation.

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