Flooring Solutions for your Home Renovation

A home renovation provides the opportunity to create a completely custom interior that works best for your needs and preferences. Your choice of flooring will help set the scene for your newly renovated home, making it an all-important decision in the design process.

These popular flooring options each provide their own unique benefits in the home, offering their own unique style and characteristics, as well as falling into various budgetary categories.

Classic Timber

Timber flooring in the home has long been a favourite choice. Natural timber offers a comfortable flooring solution that is warm underfoot with the additional benefit of being easy to keep clean, making it an excellent choice for those with allergies and respiratory issues. The downside of a natural timber floor is that it is prone to staining, scratching or denting and is not recommended for use in wet areas (such as the bathroom for example) as it can warp over time in this humid environment. A timber floor can however, be rejuvenated by sanding and re-polishing, a process which can usually be completed approximately 4-6 times before requiring complete replacement. In terms of cost, you will find that different species of timbers come with a different price tag, with prices usually ranging from $50m² to well over $150m².

Canterbury kitchen renovation_timber flooring
Our Canterbury kitchen renovation includes a hardwood timber floor that perfectly complements the warm white cabinetry and benchtops in this space to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Durable Porcelain Floor Tiles

As opposed to softer ceramic tiles which are best suited to wall applications, porcelain tiles offer an incredibly durable, sturdy and long-lasting surface finish that is very well suited for use as a flooring option. Porcelain tiles provide the advantage of offering a whole home flooring solution, as they are suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms while also being a low maintenance option for the rest of the home, including bedrooms, living areas and outdoor space.

Porcelain floor tiles are also resistant to scratching, dents and stains while also being water resistant, making them an ideal choice that will rarely require professional care or replacing. Porcelain tiles are normally more costly than their ceramic tile counterparts thanks to their unique manufacturing process, increased thickness, strength and durability, with prices starting from $55m² and sometimes reaching up to $200m².

Hawthorn home renovation_porcelain tile flooring
Our Hawthorn home renovation and extension uses a luxurious porcelain tile throughout the interior and exterior living spaces. Zones are defined with the use of modern area rugs to provide an added layer of comfort and warmth in these key sitting areas.

Natural Stone & Polished Concrete

Unlike other flooring solutions, both natural stone and polished concrete finishes are porous in nature and as such, are prone to absorbing liquids which in turn can lead to staining. Although both options offer a luxurious and timeless look in the home, these finishes do require sealing immediately after installation, as well as every few years thereafter depending on their wear. Despite this, you will find that polished concrete and natural stone flooring options such as marble, granite, slate and travertine will always be on trend as they offer a luxurious and long-lasting finish in the home that can be professionally rejuvenated as wear occurs. Pricing for each of these options can vary immensely depending on the type of stone selected and in the case of polished concrete, depending on the pattern, treatment and coloured dyes used and as such, it would be most prudent to seek an individual quotation for your particular project.

South Melbourne Home Builder_Concrete flooring
A new home build completed by Perini Renovations in South Melbourne, this ultra-modern and sleek home includes a show-stopping polished concrete floor throughout, creating a continuous flow in the home.

Vinyl & Cork Flooring

Vinyl and cork flooring options have certainly come a long way from their initial inception. Both of these solutions are now significantly more durable and hard wearing with a vast range of colours, textures and styles to choose from, including stone and timber-look vinyls. Vinyl and cork floors provide an excellent choice for most areas of the home with the exception of wet areas such as the bathroom or laundry and even the kitchen in some cases. Although vinyl floors are water resistant, moisture can find its way beneath the surface, causing mould or water damage to occur. Cork flooring too is not recommended for these areas of the home as moisture can cause the product to swell and warp, requiring complete replacement. These options do make excellent choices however for bedrooms and living areas, providing a soft and warm surface underfoot that is simple to keep clean and tidy. Vinyl flooring will normally set you back anywhere between $30m² to $90m² depending on the type and quality of vinyl selected. Cork flooring on the other hand, will cost approximately $60m² to $100m², once again depending on your style choices.

Cork Flooring
Cork flooring creates a soft and warm surface in the home, perfectly suited for rustic and country style interiors. Image


A favourite choice for the home, carpet can be installed in most rooms with the exception of wet areas. Once again providing a soft and warm surface underfoot, carpet creates a plush and comforting atmosphere making it a top choice for relaxation zones such as bedrooms and living rooms. There are many different types of carpets available with a variety of materials, textures, patterns, pile heights and face weights. Your local carpet store will advise on the best solutions for your needs and preferences while making your selection. Carpets are not always the best option however for those with allergies and respiratory illnesses as dust can become embedded in the fibres making it tricky to keep completely clean without professional services. This option does not provide a waterproof or stain resistant surface, often requiring a professional clean to remove stains or in severe cases, complete replacement of the product. Due to the immense variety of carpets available, costs can vary from as low as $20m² to upwards of $200m² depending on your selections.

Hawthorn home renovation_Carpet Flooring
Part of our Hawthorn home renovation, this guest bedroom features a luscious, plush carpet that is perfect for creating a warm and soothing atmosphere.

Each of these options provides its own set of benefits as well as well as requiring a different range of maintenance and care which will impact your final choice. Your decision will of course, be determined by your own individual needs, budget and style preferences for your new home or home renovation. Our design team at Perini Renovations can advise you on the very best options to suit your lifestyle during the design stage of your new build or home renovation journey with us, providing you with expert advice at every step of the way.

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