Timeless Paint Colours for your Home Renovation: Our Top Picks

Selecting a colour palette for your home renovation can often be a challenge however, opting for a timeless interior and exterior selection makes way for more creativity and bolder colour choices in your accessories and furnishings. Aside from the more traditional neutral tones, you will also find many timeless paint selections available in different colour families, from pastel hues to bolder greens and browns.

Timeless Neutrals

You can never go wrong selecting a classic neutral tone for your home’s interior and exterior colour scheme. The beauty of using a neutral colour palette is that you then have the creative freedom to use any colours and textures you wish in your decor and furniture with the ability of being able to change your home’s entire style later on as trends progress and evolve. Neutral paint colours are also proven to increase a home’s potential resale value, being more universally preferred among home buyers.

Dulxu Lexicon
Dulux Lexicon provides a crisp, cool toned white that is ever so slightly tinged with a touch of grey. Perfect for modern and contemporary spaces, Lexicon looks right at home paired with grey, black and white interior décor and furnishings as well as coastal styled homes thanks to the crisp nature of the lighter strengths available in this colour.

Your first step in selecting a neutral tone is to decide whether you are looking for cooler or warmer tones, keeping in mind the overall vibe you are looking to achieve in your home. Cooler neutral tones lend themselves well to modern or contemporary styled homes and coastal designs, whereas warmer neutrals will be particularly suited for classic or traditional styled interiors.

Dulux Beige Royal
Dulux Beige Royal (pictured here in quarter strength) is a stunning neutral tone that can be used throughout your entire property. A warm tone, this colour selection provides an excellent depth of colour, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere without making your interior appear smaller in size.

Bold, Timeless Paint Colours

Dulux Armada
Recalling the rich colours of nature, Dulux Armada provides an elegant and sophisticated look in the home, offering timeless appeal. Pairing exceptionally well with natural materials such as timber or marble, as well as luxe metallic finishes, Armada provides a perfect choice of paint for classic and more casual interior styles alike.

Stepping away from the more traditional neutral tones, selected bolder colours can also provide a stunning timeless elegance in any home’s interior scheme. Selecting a paint colour outside of the neutral colour family allows you to create a more dramatic and personalised touch in your home, with particular tones and hues lending themselves well to various design styles, from boho-chic interiors to more luxurious, classic designs.

Dulux Meerkat_Timeless Paint Colours
Rich, chocolatey browns create a sense of comfort in the home, evoking a cosy and relaxing atmosphere making them a perfect choice for both living areas and bedrooms where a dramatic yet comforting touch is desired. Dulux Meerkat is pictured here in perfect contrast with the popular neutral tone: Vivid White.

Pastel Tones

Pastel tones provide a playful and cheery touch to your interior decorating scheme, being perfectly suited to bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Blush for example, has made quite the impact in the world of interior design in recent years, being featured in tile designs, furniture and soft furnishings alike. Thanks to their wide appeal and massive increase in popularity over the last decade, pastel tones offer further choices in terms of neutral and timeless colour schemes that work with a wide range of interior decorating themes, from contemporary and modern looks to more traditional and casual styles.

Dulux Bunny Soft_Timeless Paint Colours
Soft blush (Bunny Soft Quarter Strength) is contrasted with the deeper toned Dulux Lilac Ruff, creating a harmonious and balanced look in this luscious and cosy bedroom scheme.

Taking a step away from the more playful pastel hues of blush, lilac and lemon, deeper pastel tones such as duck egg blue and mint provide a wondrously elegant depth of colour along with a sophisticated air in more traditional and classic themes. These tones will work exceptionally well in any area of the home, including as a finish for a luxury kitchen design.

Dulux Equanimity_Timeless Paint Colours
Dulux Equanimity is used to provide colour to this stylish and characteristic home. A timeless variation of duck egg blue, deeper toned pastel hues such as Equanimity provide a spectacular depth of colour while allowing you to get creative in your choices.

Selecting a timeless colour scheme for your home does not always mean sticking to whites and neutrals; there are an exceptional amount of choices available that will still offer you endless appeal for your next home renovation while also allowing you to show off your own creativity and personality, making a truly unique space. Our team at Perini Renovations can assist you with your home renovation, from guiding you through the process of completing an overall interior layout, to assisting in the creating of your dream colour palette.

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