White on White: Creating a Showstopping White Kitchen Design

A white on white colour scheme ensures a timeless design in your home, allowing you to show off your creative flair in other areas such as accessories and décor which can be easily swapped out as trends evolve over time. The key to creating a perfect all-white kitchen though, is to include a contrasting element that will effectively ‘break up’ the entirely white canvas, making the whole scheme easier on the eye while still retaining that timeless elegance of a white on white scheme.

Kitchen Flooring

A great place to start with your kitchen renovation plans is to settle on a floor finish. If you are retaining your existing flooring, keep in mind that you will of course have to create a kitchen colour scheme that will tie in with the existing colouring. If you are however, looking at updating your floors then you have a few choices, the most popular of which are porcelain tiles or hardwood timber floors. Both of these solutions offer an excellent selection for the kitchen, being hardwearing and simple to maintain.

Porcelain tiles provide a scratch, stain and water resistant floor finish that is perfect for not only the kitchen, but for all adjacent areas in the home, allowing for a continuous look in an open kitchen, living and dining area. With a vast selection of colours, textures, finishes and patterns available, the possibilities are truly endless, allowing you the ultimate in creativity in putting together your perfect design scheme.

Timber flooring on the other hand, is more susceptible to scratching and staining however, it can of course be re-finished several times throughout its lifespan. Timber flooring solutions offer a warmth and timeless beauty in the home, once again being suitable as a floor finish throughout an open plan space and allowing for that seamless sense of continuity in the home.

Porcelain Tiles_Timber look tiles
Torn between the two? These luxurious timber-look porcelain tiles give you the best of both worlds, effectively combining the warmth and organic beauty of timber with all the added benefits of a hard wearing and long lasting porcelain tiled floor.

Warm vs. Cool White Kitchens

Your next step in creating an all-white kitchen colour scheme is to decide on a warm or cool colour scheme. Warm tones are those tinted with yellow or red and create a lush warm glow in a space. Cool tones however, are those tinted with blue or black. These tones enhance the overall size of a space, creating the illusion of a larger room, making them especially effective in smaller homes.

Your selected lighting will also play a role in the overall vibe of the finished design, once again being available in warm or cool tones. Warm lighting solutions will cast a slightly yellow glow in your home, which can alter the look of your selected finishes whereas cool tones tend to show a slightly more realistic representation of your kitchen’s finishes, if a little tinted with a dash of blue. Many lighting manufacturers however, do also include a third option in their range (most often referred to as Daylight) which is an excellent combination of the two, offering a much purer and un-tinted form of light for your home.

White Kitchen Design Ideas
These two kitchens by Perini Renovations present two very different white colour schemes. The space on the left uses blonde timber features to alleviate the warm white cabinetry and benchtop, creating a soft, welcoming vibe. The space on the right however, makes use of cooler white tones while still retaining that welcoming feeling by use of a well thought out design and layout, as well as a the inclusion of natural light.

Kitchen Finishes: Cabinetry, Benchtops and Splashbacks

Finally, selecting the balance of your new kitchen’s finishes will dictate the overall style and outcome of your project. Kitchen cabinets are available in several different options, including the more cost effective options of laminate and vinyl wrap (also known as thermofoil) to the high end options such as solid timber, timber veneer and two pack. Each of these selections offers its own benefits as well as a range of different colour options and sheen levels, allowing you the freedom of choice in creating he kitchen of your dreams.

Marble benchtop kitchen_White kitchen design
Two pack kitchen cabinetry especially offers the benefit of being completely customisable to suit your own style, with paint options being colour matched to your specific requirements. Our Armadale kitchen renovation uses a crisp white two pack finish throughout for a brilliant look that pairs well with the pure white benchtops and feature marble island bench.

Working your way up, you will next be looking at selecting your benchtop and splashback finishes. These items should ideally contrast the tone of your your kitchen cabinetry as well tie in the colour of your floor finish with the balance of your kitchen design. Caesarstone provides an excellent choice for your kitchen benchtop with a huge amount of options to choose from, including a wide selection of pure whites, marble-looks and white terrazzo stone options that offer all the beauty of a luxurious natural stone without the added cost and maintenance.

White kitchen design ideas
Our Brighton kitchen renovation includes warm white cabinetry in a two pack finish atop the original hardwood flooring. The all-white colour scheme in this space has been broken up with the use of contrasting elements such as the sliver mirror splashback, black furniture and light fixtures.

In an all-white kitchen scheme, retaining a sense of continuity in your selections is vital in achieving a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing look. Your kitchen splashback will provide the final touch in your design, allowing you to get more creative with your choice. Kitchen splashback tiles are once again available in a vast array of tones and patterns, allowing you to create a well contrasting and balanced look in your space and effectively tying the entire scheme together. If you would prefer a more seamless look however, you can instead opt to use the same material as your benchtop on your kitchen splashback, retaining a continuous look in your kitchen renovation.

A traditional white on white kitchen allows you the freedom of experimenting with a variety of different colours, textures and patterns in your décor and home accessories, making it a perfect choice for your next kitchen renovation. Our team at Perini Renovations will assist you in creating the perfectly balanced look in your design, sourcing the very best in finishes and materials to ensure a long lasting and timeless look in your home.

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