Timeless Bathroom Colour Schemes

A bathroom renovation represents quite the investment into your property and as such, creating a timeless bathroom colour scheme that will always be in style is an excellent way to go. There are several different design themes that will ensure your new bathroom offers endless aesthetic appeal, from soothing neutral tones to inspired natural schemes and classic black and white palettes, each of which can form the perfect neutral backdrop for your chosen bathroom accessories and décor which will act as a means of introducing some of your own creative flair and personality into the space.

Neutral Toned Bathroom Colour Schemes

A truly classic and timeless look, neutral colour palettes can include varying shades of beige or taupe, greys, whites and even deeper tones such as charcoal or chocolate brown that offer a sense of grounding to the space. Neutral colour schemes are universally appealing; these designs lend themselves extremely well to a large variety of different decorating schemes as the neutral tones create the ideal backdrop that won’t clash with your selected accessories and décor. Including greenery and pops of colour in your bathroom’s vanity accessories and soft furnishings will complete your bathroom’s look while also creating a strong sense of personality in the space.

Our Balwyn bathroom renovation includes a sleek and timeless warm tone throughout, from the tile selections to the soft white cabinetry and benchtop colour selections.

Nature Inspired Bathroom Designs

A nature inspired design palette will often include a selection of natural materials such as timber finishes and natural stones to create the ultimate luxury bathroom renovation that is truly timeless and inspiring. This style creates a soothing spa-like atmosphere in the home that is perfectly suited to the sanctuary that is the bathroom. If you are hoping to avoid the added maintenance of natural materials, there are many wonderful alternatives to consider that will offer the same look. Consider using porcelain tiles that are designed to offer a simulated marble look, textured timber laminates for cabinetry and engineered stone alternatives to natural stone vanity tops which can all offer a design option that requires little to no maintenance aside from a quick wipe down with a damp cloth.

Our East Hawthorn bathroom renovation uses a nature inspired colour palette to create a luxurious and timeless colour story in the space. The green marble feature wall tiles make for the ultimate standout element against the softer tones of the floor and wall tiles used throughout.

Classic Black & White Bathroom Colour Schemes

The classic stylings of a black and white bathroom colour scheme create a bold, dramatic touch that will always be on trend. Providing the ultimate contrast, this bathroom design palette offers a maximum impact choice that can be styled in either a sleek and modern way or used to create more of a traditional look depending on your use of bathroom fittings and accessories. Create a sense of warmth and character in this design scheme with your use of texture and colour; timber finishes and accessories provide the perfect solution, providing the characteristic charm and elegance of a natural timber as well as a rich pop of colour acting as a means of creating drama and a sense of character in your design.

Our Art Deco styled bathroom design in Hawthorn uses a simple black and white colour scheme that is balanced out with soft grey wall tiles and paint while the original timber flooring provides a warm finishing touch to the design.

Luxurious Marble

Marble finishes will always offer a luxurious and timeless look in a bathroom design, creating a soothing and opulent atmosphere. Being a porous material, natural marble surfaces will require a little extra care and maintenance, including regular sealing and cleaning to ensure the product’s durability and longevity in the home. Should you prefer an option that requires less attention, porcelain bathroom tiles and engineered stone benchtops include options that are specifically designed to emulate the look of a natural product while creating the same visual effect in your bathroom design, requiring minimal maintenance for the busy home.

Marble surfaces can be paired with any number of colours and finishes from crisp whites to deep charcoals or blush tones, while also creating a perfectly harmonious look with other textured surfaces such as concrete or timber, allowing for endless possibilities in your bathroom renovation.

Our Toorak bathroom renovation includes a luxurious porcelain marble-look wall tile that is paired with crisp white finishes and a soft, warm charcoal floor tile to create a luxuriously timeless style in this design.

Creating a timeless bathroom colour scheme will ensure your new design remains on trend for many years to come, combining classic stylings with universal appeal and a touch of personality represented in your selection of accessories and soft furnishings which can easily be changed and swapped around as trends and fashions evolve over time.

Our design team at Perini Renovations will walk you through every step of creating your ideal bathroom colour scheme, from carefully coordinating your new tiles and vanity finishes, as well as assisting and advising you in the selection of the perfect bathroom fittings that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

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