Design Inspiration for a Small Bathroom

Thanks to modern design solutions, planning a smaller sized bathroom still allows plenty of room for creativity. Starting off with a layout that is considerate of the overall function and flow of the space to selecting the right bathroom fittings, storage solutions and tiles, creating a luxurious and highly functional small bathroom has never been so simple!

Planning your Small Bathroom Layout

Planning an effective layout in a small bathroom can seem like a challenge at first however, we find that the most creative layouts are born as a result of such constraints. Starting off with your key items (i.e. shower, vanity unit, toilet suite and bathtub if included in the space), play around with the placement of each item, paying close attention to the overall flow of the space. Ensure convenient placement of accessories such as towel rails, toilet roll holders, wall shelves or robe hooks has been accounted for to help maximise the practicality and function of your design. Working together with your Designer or Builder, you can create a small bathroom that still includes all of life’s little luxuries and comforts!

Small Bathroom Design Ideas
One of our recent bathroom renovations, this space includes a luxuriously oversized shower and ample storage space. The addition of a dwarf wall running along the shower and behind the toilet adds an additional layer of functional storage in the design.

Selecting your Bathroom Fittings

Depending on the available space, in most cases you will find that there are many unique bathroom fittings available that will allow you to include all of the necessities, including a luxurious freestanding bathtub! Ready-made items such as shower enclosures, bathtubs, vanity units and medicine cabinets can be sourced in a vast assortment of different sizes however, in cases where you require more individual sizing or styles, custom made fittings offer the perfect solution. Your bathroom vanity unit, storage facilities, shower area and even bathtubs and basins can all be custom made to suit your space and style, ensuring endless possibilities in creating a truly functional and comfortable bathroom.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas
Our Collingwood bathroom renovation uses a unique selection of bathroom fittings to create the ultimate in luxury. The small and narrow space is highlighted by a rich copper toned freestanding bathtub that is placed in the room’s ‘wet area’ together with the shower. A custom made vanity unit provides ample storage space without encroaching too far into the narrow room, allowing for ease of access and better circulation in the space.

Include Creative Storage Solutions

Create a practical and clutter-free space by including functional storage options in the bathroom. The key to ensuring an abundance of storage in a smaller sized bathroom design is to take advantage of every opportunity possible, including any available wall space. Aside from the obvious vanity and medicine cabinet storage solutions, you may also consider including open shelves on your walls as well as tall cupboard for miscellaneous items. Storage cupboards and medicine cabinets can be designed to sit within the cavities of your walls, taking up significantly less space in your bathroom while still providing a respectable amount of storage.

Ensure your storage space is well organised by including a selection of accessories to suit your needs. From drawer organisers, built-in or door mounted bins, to added shelving and inner drawers within your vanity cupboards, include bathroom storage accessories that will make the most of your available space.

Selecting Tiles for a Small Bathroom

Once again, the constraints of a small bathroom allows for the ultimate in creativity when it comes to selecting your new tiles. Whether you prefer the smart, sleek and continuous look of using a single tile throughout the space, or to create a feature wall using luxurious mosaic tiles, there are plenty of exciting different styles you can create in a smaller bathroom. Contrary to popular belief, the right large format tile can work a treat in smaller quarters as the minimal grout lines and larger tile sizes assist in creating the illusion of additional space.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas
If instead, you wish to create more of a contrast in your bathroom renovation, Terrazzo tiles provide the perfect solution to mixing and matching colours and textures while still achieving a well-balanced look. Terrazzo tiles use various coloured chips of stone or glass that is then embedded in each individual tile, displaying an assortment of shades that can be matched with the balance of your bathroom finishes. Match elements of your design such as a contrasting feature wall tile, benchtop or vanity unit colour with a shade selected from your terrazzo tiles to create a cohesive look in a smaller bathroom.

A small bathroom can seem like an overwhelming design challenge at first however, focusing on each individual step of the design process proves that a creative and highly functional space can always be achieved. Our design team at Perini Renovations is on hand during this period of isolation to answer all of your queries while you research and plan for your next bathroom renovation project. Contact us to find out how we can better assist you in creating your dream home!

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