Design Solutions for a Small Laundry

No matter the size of your laundry, a creative and efficient design will help you maximise the available space to provide a comfortable working environment to best suit your needs. These creative design solutions will help to make the very best use of a smaller laundry room, ensuring there truly is a dedicated place for everything, from built-in storage pull-outs to efficient solutions for drying and ironing clothes.

Laundry Storage Pull-out Units

To ensure a laundry room that will still function efficiently in smaller quarters, it is absolutely crucial to make the best use of all your available space. A custom design will take into account the space’s constraints and dimensions and ultimately, optimise the available area to work best for your needs. Storage pull-outs integrated within your new laundry cabinetry will ensure a well organised design, with a dedicated space for every necessity. Under-sink storage pull-outs can be installed beneath your laundry trough to store cleaning products, built-in laundry hampers can be included in your cabinetry, eliminating the need for a loose hamper cluttering up the walkway and pull-out ironing boards can even be included in your laundry drawers, offering a complete custom solution that is both highly efficient and well-organised. Our design team will present you with all the suitable options that will work best for your needs within the available space.

Hafele Laundry Hamper
Hardware manufacturer, Hafele, provides an extensive collection of storage solutions in their catalogue, including this stylish pull-out laundry hamper.

Drying Clothes

Whether you prefer to limit your use of a clothes dryer or simply don’t have the space for one at all, including an option dedicated to drying clothes (especially items you would prefer to hang immediately so as to avoid wrinkles) is an excellent addition to a home’s laundry and further enhances the usability and function of the space. In larger laundry rooms, a vented drying closet offers the perfect solution, with a built-in hanging rail and water resistant flooring a must however, in more compact laundry rooms, this space can be used more efficiently for general household storage. Instead, you can opt to install a simple hanging rail directly beneath your overhead shelving or cabinetry, allowing you to place your clothing on coat hangers and immediately hang up to dry.

Laundry Design Ideas
Our South Melbourne new home build includes a highly efficient laundry room, complete with a built-in drying closet.  The porcelain tiled laundry floor runs through into this well ventilated corner cupboard to ensure a water resistant finish that is simple to clean and maintain.

Make use of Available Wall Space

Any blank wall space can also be used in a creative way to further maximise a small laundry room’s efficiency. Hooks on either your empty wall or behind your door can provide efficient hanging space for miscellaneous items such as dusters, mops and brooms while other blank wall space can be used for a wall mounted ironing board (such as Robinhood’s infamous models of pull-down ironing boards) or housing a charging station for a stick vacuum cleaner and small handheld vacuum. Using any available empty vertical space will help to further maximise your small laundry room’s efficiency, increasing the overall functionality of the area and making it a breeze to work in.

Robinhood Ironing Centre_Laundry Design
Robinhood’s wall mounted ironing centres include storage space for your iron and cleaning products. The ironing board itself can be pulled down from the cabinet and rotated to suit your preferred ironing position.

Including the Necessities

When space is at a premium in your new laundry, you may opt to only include the absolute necessities in your design. A clothes dryer and laundry trough for example, don’t always need to be part of your laundry design; although both of these items are extremely useful to have, if you find that you simply do not use them enough to warrant dedicating the space for them, then you may want to consider doing away with them altogether. Our design and construction team will be able to advise you of your best options when it comes to plumbing alternatives where a laundry trough is not desired and as discussed above, you will find that there are alternative options available to facilitate indoor clothes drying solutions.

Laundry Design Ideas_Laundry in Bathroom
Our modern bathroom design includes a highly compact laundry closet. The clothes dryer has been replaced with a simple hanging rail where items can be hung up to dry, providing an efficient drying solution in a smaller space.

You will find that the constraints of designing smaller spaces often leads to the most creative of solutions, providing efficiency, practicality and comfort. You don’t always need a large amount of space in the laundry to create a truly efficient design that is an absolute breeze to work in! Our knowledgeable team at Perini Renovations will guide you through the process of creating the very best solution for your needs; Contact us here to discuss your project.  

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