Everything you Need to Know About the Latest Tapware

There are many options available when it comes to selecting the right tapware for your kitchen renovation, with countless finishes and features available to choose from. Our guide runs through various colour options, budgeting, new features in tapware to consider as well as the key points relevant to your new kitchen mixer’s WELS rating to help make sure you are completely satisfied with your new kitchen fit out.

Colour Options in Tapware

Over the last few years, we have seen more colour options become available in tapware designs to suit just about every style of home, from ultra-modern to country style décor. Taking a step away from the more traditional polished chrome finish we’ve become accustomed to, kitchen tapware is now available in a popular matte black, white, gold, copper, brushed nickel and even bright hues such as yellow or orange have made an appearance. An excellent rule of thumb to follow when selecting a colour for your new tapware is that it is preferable to match your kitchen tapware with other pieces of hardware in your design, such as your cabinetry handles for example, to ensure a cohesive look in your kitchen renovation.

South Melbourne Kitchen Renovation_Tapware Options
Using a stylish pull-down sink mixer, this modern Melbourne kitchen design by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms offers a flexible tapware solution for a smaller sized sophisticated kitchen, ensuring clean-up is always a breeze!

Another factor to consider when selecting a new kitchen tap is that some finishes will wear over time, whereas others won’t. A bronze kitchen tap for example, will show wear around the handle with regular use, as the bronze finish wears off. This feature can be viewed as a positive point however, with the variation in finishes being a desirable effect in rustic styled kitchens. Most finishes such as chrome, matt black or brushed nickel however, will hold steadfast so this is definitely something to consider when selecting your new kitchen tapware.

Tapware Handle Configuration

While on the hunt for your new kitchen tapware, visit your local plumbing showroom to view and test different handle configurations. Lever handles for example, are simple to open and close, especially when you only have the one hand free while washing up in the kitchen. Lever handles are also an ideal fit for those with difficulties in hand movement for example, as levers are of course much easier to open and shut than their knob counterparts. Make sure to test out your options in a showroom before settling on a final decision to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your tapware selection.


Kitchen tapware can vary dramatically in cost, with designer collections and feature-rich selections being at the top of the pricing scale. It all comes down to what features, style and of course, level of quality you are looking to achieve in your kitchen renovation. A cost effective tap will do a wonderful job, provided it is sourced from a reputable manufacturer with a great WELS rating. However, if you are on the hunt for something unique that will make a feature in your new kitchen, then a designer tap is your best bet for longevity, function and style.

New Technology & Features in Tapware

Pull down or pull-out mixers have become a very attractive element of the kitchen as they offer flexibility in their functionality. These mixers are also especially convenient in the laundry room, where they can be used to fill mop buckets or wash pets, offering more flexibility in the design of smaller spaces requiring smaller sink configurations.

Another exciting feature for the modern kitchen is a filtered water tap. Replacing filtered water jugs in the fridge can be chore; with a built in filter you have an instant supply of fresh, clean water on demand. A separate tap can be installed beside your kitchen mixer, keeping your washing water separate or a filter unit can be built into your new kitchen tapware fitout, allowing you to use the single tap for both cleaning up and drinking water.

Melbourne Kitchen Renovation_Tapware Ideas
This kitchen renovation by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms features a stylish gooseneck sink mixer, in keeping with the home’s classical aesthetic. The sink also includes a separate mixer, exclusively for filtered drinking water: An excellent addition to consider for your kitchen renovation!

WELS Star Ratings

A crucial element when selecting your new kitchen tapware is to ensure your new tap is water efficient. In 2005, the Australian Government introduced the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme, with mandatory minimum performance standards and water efficiency standards applying to all water consuming products for Australian households. This means that all showers, toilets/urinals, tapware, flow controllers, washing machines and dishwashers sold in Australia will have been tested by a government regulator to ensure the product meets water efficiency guidelines. Each product is then given a star rating, with one star being the lowest and six stars being the highest efficiency rating.

Grohe Kitchen Tap
With a maximum WELS rating of 6, Grohe’s Essence pull-out sink mixer offers a sleek and minimal design in the kitchen. Available in Graphite (pictured), Chrome, Gold and Brushed Nickel, the Essence kitchen sink mixer is an excellent choice for the modern kitchen. Image: Reece

Your new kitchen tapware should be carefully selected to ensure not only it’s aesthetic appeal but also its quality and longevity in your new kitchen. Our friendly staff at Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms is on hand to help you with every step of the way!

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