Top Bathroom Feature Wall Ideas

Including a feature wall in your next bathroom renovation is a sure-fire way to create a bold and dramatic touch in your design scheme. There are many options to consider when it comes to creating the perfect bathroom feature wall, from your use of different materials and colours to various shapes and tile laying styles.

First and foremost of course, selecting an actual feature wall while also creating an optimum floorplan and layout is the best place to start, with our team at Perini Renovations guiding your through the entire process.

Which wall should be my feature wall?

Your chosen feature wall in any space is most often either the first wall you see upon entering a room or the wall directly behind a particular element of the space that you ware wanting to highlight, for example, behind a luxurious vanity unit or a freestanding bathtub. Unlike other areas of the home (such as the bedroom or the living area for example) creating a feature wall in the bathroom allows you much more creative freedom with your use of patterns and textures thanks to the use of modern bathroom tile designs which are available in such a wide assortment of styles that we truly are spoiled for choice!

Mosaic Tile Feature Walls & Wall Murals

Using mosaic tiles as a feature wall instantly injects your bathroom design with a lustrous, textural element. An immense range of different styles are available, in a vast array of colours, shapes, materials, patterns and textures, allowing you the utmost creative freedom in your selections. Two-toned mosaic colour schemes, colourful blends of assorted hues or solid coloured, matte finished mosaic tiles, whichever style you choose you are sure to create a stunning visual feature in your new bathroom design.

South Melbourne Bathroom Renovations
Our South Melbourne bathroom renovation includes sleek, contemporary charcoal and white bathroom tiles paired with a stylish blended colour mosaic feature wall in the shower enclosure.

You can also opt to create a true work of art using mosaic tiles in the form of a show-stopping mural feature wall in the bathroom. Luxury tile manufacturers such as Bisazza of Italy offer incredibly intricate and ornate murals that are created entirely out of tiny mosaic tiles. From stylish, Art Deco themed geometric patterns to luscious floral displays and on trend botanical pieces, a mosaic mural in the bathroom can create the ultimate feature wall in your next bathroom renovation.

Bisazza mosaic tiles
Bisazza glass mosaic tiles form an intricate Art Deco inspired geometric pattern in this dramatic private residence in Crimea to create a stunning visual feature in this unique and luxurious bathroom design. These exciting products are all available at Perini Tiles, where the team can assist you in your selections and in the creation of your perfect mosaic tile pattern or mural.

Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Natural stone has long been a favourite finish for the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom and everything in between. Stones such as marble, onyx and granite all feature prominently in luxury interiors, with marble being a particular favourite thanks to the many unique varieties and colours available, as well as its timeless charm and elegance. Although natural products do require a little more attention in terms of daily care and maintenance, their organic beauty is simply unparalleled, making them a perfect option for a bathroom feature wall.

Natural stone bathroom feature wall
In contrast with the crisp white wall tiles, the natural marble feature wall used in our Hawthorn bathroom renovation introduces a varying colour palette inspired by nature for an elegant and timeless look.

A Window Feature Wall

Where possible, installing a completely or partially clear window in your bathroom allows for a dramatic feature in the space, showcasing the ever-changing beauty of nature. This type of feature wall will of course be best suited to a home where there is an element of privacy such as beside a private courtyard and garden or in a remote location.

Bathroom tiles feature wall
Using a neutral colour palette, this bathroom design immediately draws the eye to the central feature window overlooking a picturesque ocean view. Tiles: Perini Tiles.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles can form a stunning feature wall in your bathroom renovation with the added benefit of assisting in creating the perception of additional space depending on your selected laying style or pattern. Subway tiles laid in the traditional horizontal running manner will create the illusion of added width in your bathroom whereas a vertical running pattern will create a sense of additional height in a space, making this feature wall option particularly ideal for small bathroom designs.

Subway tiles feature wall
Subway tiles are laid in a vertical running pattern in this shower feature wall, adding a sense of height to the space.

Contrasting Colours

Finally, a simple contrast of colour in your bathroom wall finishes can create a chic, stylish and dramatic feature wall. Contrast the balance of your bathroom wall tiles with a bolder colour to create maximum impact and effectively highlight any bathroom furniture that is placed in this area, for example a freestanding bathtub, shower enclosure or vanity unit.

Hawthorn Bathroom Renovation
Our luxurious Hawthorn bathroom renovation uses a combination of classic styled finishes to create a charming and elegant atmosphere. The bold black feature wall both highlights and defines the bathing area of the space, creating a distinct zone through the use of contrasting colours.

There are many creative ways of achieving a stylish, timeless and dramatic feature wall in your bathroom renovation, from simply contrasting colour schemes, using pattern and unique tile shapes to create an energetic style or including a show-stopping mosaic tile mural or blend. Our team at Perini Renovations can assist you in creating the ultimate bathroom design scheme, walking you through all of your options to help bring your vision to life.

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