5 Different Tiled Splashback Ideas

During the design process of your kitchen renovation, it is usually preferred that the larger or ‘big-ticket’ features such as your cabinetry or benchtop be a timeless style as these elements are significantly more costly and difficult to replace later on down the track as kitchen design trends evolve. The same cannot be said however, for your new kitchen splashback! A kitchen splashback offers the perfect canvas to let your creative side shine as it can be replaced with minimal fuss later on. You have the option to follow a trend you’ve been eyeing off, to get creative with your use of materials and textures to create something truly unique.

There are countless material options available for kitchen splashbacks, from porcelain sheets to glass panels and pressed tin, each offering its own unique qualities and characteristics to your kitchen design. Tiled splashbacks have always been a classic design choice and with a wide selection available in modern designs, there are countless combinations of colours, textures and materials to choose from for your home.

Porcelain Tile Splashback

A traditional material selection for kitchen splashbacks, porcelain tiles also provide the perfect solution for a gas cooktop surround. In accordance with Australian Standards, there must be a minimum clearance of 200mm between a gas cooktop’s nearest burner and any surrounding combustible surface that is to be installed vertically (for example, a splashback or cabinetry panel butting up against your cooker). Porcelain is not a combustible surface and as such, meets these requirements making it the go-to option in tighter kitchens where space is at a premium.

Porcelain Tile Kitchen Splashback
Large format porcelain tiles offer a sleek kitchen splashback solution with minimal grout lines for ease of maintenance. The warm, earthy tones of Perini Tiles Geology collection promise a timeless and elegant look in the home.

Modern kitchen design trends aim to minimise grout lines in the kitchen, using large slabs of stone or porcelain as a feature splashback. This look can be achieved using large format porcelain tiles to create a feature splashback in your new kitchen design, with minimal grout lines to be concerned about.

Timber Look Tiles

Although timber textures have always been a favourite option in the kitchen, this material has most often been restricted to use on cabinetry and benchtops. With more versatility now included in modern designs, timber-look tiles are now more realistic than ever before, featuring the organic textures and colour variations normally seen in natural timber. These porcelain tiles offer a modern rustic look in the home and pave the way for more creative use of materials in modern kitchen designs.

Marble and Timber Look Tiles_Kitchen Splashback Ideas
A combination of natural Carrara marble pieces and porcelain timber-look tiles, the incredibly versatile Granada collection creates a stylish geometric pattern in your kitchen renovation.

Natural Stone Splashback

Natural stone offers an elegant beauty in your kitchen design with everlasting appeal, making for a stunning feature splashback in your kitchen design. It should be noted that any natural stone finish will require sealing to ensure it maintains its lustre over time however, there are porcelain alternatives that offer a near perfect reproduction of the veining and natural variations common in natural stone products, offering you more flexibility in your kitchen design. From mosaic tiles to larger format pieces, there are certainly plenty of options to help you create the exact look you want to achieve in your new kitchen!

Chevron Tiles_Kitchen Splashback Ideas
Cut in an elegant chevron tile pattern, the Stone Zig Zag collection includes a range of six stylish natural marble colours to choose from, offering plenty of options to create a unique and timeless kitchen splashback.

Pressed Tin Look Tiles

Pressed tin panels create a luxurious, Victorian-era look in the kitchen, making for standout feature in the home. When used as a kitchen splashback however, pressed tin panels are often prone to staining (especially when in contact with foods that are higher in acid) as well as dents and scratches. These unfortunate drawbacks can be avoided with the use of porcelain tiles that are specifically designed to simulate the look, texture and feel of a pressed tin panel while using a more durable material.

Pressed Tin Tiled Kitchen Splashback
Replicating the old world charm of traditional pressed tin panel kitchen splashbacks, the Konya tile collection includes an array of geometric patterns that are placed at random to create an opulent, tactile surface. View this collection at Perini Tiles.

Pressed tin-look tiles will last a lifetime in your home, enhancing your kitchen design with a sense of warmth, character and texture. Pair your new feature splashback with shaker stile cabinetry and feature hardware to complete the look!

Glass Tile Kitchen Splashback

Glass panel splashbacks in the kitchen are slowly fading from today’s interior design trends and in their place, we are seeing a much more creative use of glass products in the kitchen. Modern variations of the more traditional glass splashback include: Silver or tinted mirrors, murals or photography featured behind clear glass and of course, colourful glass tiles.

Allowing for an incredibly easy to maintain splashback surface while also creating a lustrous, vibrant finish in your kitchen renovation, glass tiles will also effectively brighten up your space making them an ideal fit for any interior.

Fitzroy Kitchen Renovation_Modern Hamptons Kitchen Design
This stylish Fitzroy kitchen renovation includes a glistening wall of glass mosaic tiles paired with a sleek, silver mirror splashback. The tiled finish is reflected in the feature kitchen island to create a balanced and uniform look.

A tiled finish provides an incredibly durable and easy to maintain splashback solution. Tile designs have certainly evolved over the years with an astonishing variety of materials to choose from that will give you the look of top trending splashback choices while offering the same durability and strength we have come to expect from quality tiles. Our experienced and qualified design team at Perini Renovations will assist you in creating the perfect combination of materials and finishes in your kitchen renovation; Contact us to arrange a consultation!

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