Kitchen Corner Solutions

When your kitchen design includes corner cabinetry, it can often be quite the challenge in ensuring the very best use of this space. Traditionally, kitchen designs would allow for a simple corner base cupboard, usually with a bi-fold door and internal shelving however, this solution means kneeling down on your kitchen floor while rummaging in the depths of the cupboard in an attempt to find items hidden at the far back. This space would most often end up as a sort of ‘dead corner’, only being used to store items that are not used very often. Enhancing your comfort as well as your kitchen’s storage space and efficiency, modern kitchen corner solutions offer inventive ways to eliminate this dead corner altogether, ensuring that your new kitchen design makes the very best use of every available space.

Aside from the more traditional corner cupboards and pantry units, there are many solutions that will maximise your corner storage space, from the traditional Lazy Susan models (including this system’s many variations), pull out units and even corner drawer systems.

Lazy Susan Kitchen Corner Units

Lazy Susan corner cabinet solutions open with a traditional bi-fold door and make use of tiered trays that revolve around a central supporting pillar, allowing the user to simply rotate the trays and access all items stored in this cupboard with ease. Due to the effectiveness and popularity of this corner storage solution, there have been many variations of this model introduced to cater for a variety of needs.

  • ¾ Rotating Trays

A very popular corner storage solution, ¾ tray models will normally feature a bi-fold door with two tiers of rotating trays, allowing complete access to all of your stored goods. These trays are sturdy enough to hold pots and pans as well as crockery, making them an excellent feature to include in your kitchen renovation.

  • ½ or Semi-Circle Rotating Trays

Similar in look and function to the ¾ rotating tray models, the ½ or semi-circle tray models will only use a single door to open the cabinet, with the internal trays using only the one side of your corner storage, allowing complete use of the abutting cabinet. Each tray pulls out of the blind corner, allowing complete access to your storage without the need for reaching into a deep cabinet.

Hafele Le Mans II Kitchen Corner Ideas
Hafele offers an incredible collection of kitchen storage ideas, including these two very popular models. As demonstrated in the above diagrams, these two corner solutions vary in that the LeMans II pull out unit only makes use of a single side of your kitchen corner whereas the Carousel 270° uses both sides.

Corner Drawer Systems

Another popular kitchen storage idea, corner drawers blend in seamlessly in a kitchen that makes use of predominately drawers as the base cabinets, offering a continuous look in the design. Angled drawers fit into your kitchen corner, making ample use of the space while also providing a simple to access storage solution. You can also opt to include dividers and trays in the drawers to keep your belongings well organised.

Blum Kitchen Corner Drawers
Blum’s unique Space Corner kitchen storage solution offers a streamlined look in a drawer-filled kitchen, with uninterrupted lines making for a much cleaner aesthetic in the space.

Corner Pull-out Units

Corner pull-out units will often make use of only one side of the corner, allowing you complete use of the abutting cabinet. These solutions are especially handy for smaller kitchen designs, where including a larger corner cupboard cannot be achieved due to the constraints of fixed dimensions in the space, such as your dishwasher or sink cabinet.

Hafele Kitchen Corner Solutions
Using Hafele’s sleek LeMans II corner pull-out unit, our Albert Park kitchen renovation makes the very best use of every available nook and cranny, ensuring there truly is a place for everything you need.

In the past, kitchen corners have normally been an incredible inconvenience, with the most common complaints being the need to kneel down on the kitchen floor to access your stored goods, as well as items often getting lost in the depths of these oversized cupboards. These modern corner solutions eliminate both of these issues, making use of all the available space in your kitchen while allowing for complete ease of access to your storage.

Our experienced and qualified team at Perini Renovations will guide your though the entire process of renovating your kitchen, from conceptualising custom ideas to suit your needs, to creating a complete design scheme that optimises the use of your space to its full potential. Book a consultation with us to discuss your project here!

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