Bathroom Renovation Ideas: What is a Wet Room Design?

A bathroom layout that has gained immense popularity over the last decade is the wet room design. A wet room is essentially a particular style of bathroom that is entirely waterproofed and includes a shower area as well as a bath area where desired, with either none or minimal uses of divisions such as shower screens. This style of bathroom introduces many benefits, from providing a perfect solution for small bathroom layouts to creating an ultra-modern and sophisticated look in the home, making it an attractive design solution to consider for your next bathroom renovation.

Whether you choose to include both a shower and bathtub or just a standalone shower, you will find that a wet room layout will help you save space in your design while also providing a clean, modern and streamlined look that is simple to maintain and keep clean. This type of layout is often preferred for small bathrooms or narrow spaces as it allows for better circulation and more freedom in your layout as less space is required for your shower zone. By eliminating the shower screen (or if you prefer to include a division, using a smaller, single panel glass shower screen) there is much more room to play around with, allowing for improved circulation and flow throughout the space.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas
Our Balwyn wet room bathroom renovation uses quality Italian bathroom tiles to ensure a completely moisture resistant interior. A smaller sized glass shower screen has been included between the shower zone and toilet as a means of creating definition between these two key zones.

There are of course, a few things to consider prior to making the decision to create a wet room in your home; there are increased costs involved in the purchase of materials and throughout the construction process and more care and consideration must be made when selecting your bathroom’s materials and finishes to ensure a completely waterproofed environment that will stand up against the increased humidity and moisture in the space.

A wet room requires that the entire space be waterproofed and tiled, which of course attracts a higher cost in terms of both materials and labour. The result however, is a space that is completely impervious to moisture, allowing you the freedom of an unrestricted layout as well as completely eliminating the need to paint your bathroom walls throughout the lifespan of your bathroom.

As water and humidity is increased in this environment, it is also important to consider how the space will dry out after use as well as ensuring proper ventilation has been accounted for. Including openable windows or a bathroom exhaust fan is a must in a wet room design in order to keep air flowing throughout the space, with heating solutions also assisting in keeping the room dry and comfortable. Include heated towel ladders in your new bathroom to keep your towels dry as well as under-tile heating solutions to assist with heating and drying the space. Our design team will assist you in these decisions and recommend suitable products to achieve the perfect result.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas
Our Collingwood bathroom renovation includes a luxurious freestanding bathtub and shower in a dedicated wet zone behind a single glass panel, ensuring excess water stays in this area without splashing onto the adjacent cabinetry.

Finally, selecting the right finishes for your bathroom renovation is a must in ensuring a long-lasting, quality result. Your cabinetry should ideally be constructed of a moisture resistant material with an exterior finish that will be simple to maintain as well as minimise the risk of allowing moisture to penetrate and gather. You will find specialty laminate products to be suitable, as well as a sleek, two pack painted finish. Two paint finished cabinetry includes paint combined with a hardener which in turn creates a strong, durable and water resistant finish that is simple to maintain in a wet room environment.

 Creating a wet room bathroom design in your home has many benefits, from creating a modern and stylish look to ensuring excellent flow and circulation in particularly smaller spaces. The key to creating the perfect design is to ensure areas such as waterproofing, heating, ventilation and suitable materials have been addressed with a focus on achieving a high quality and easy to maintain environment.

Our design team at Perini Renovations will assist and guide you throughout the planning, design and construction process, ensuring your project meets and exceeds your expectations. Contact us to arrange a design consultation where we can discuss your project further and get started on creating the bathroom of your dreams!

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