How to Select the Right Tiles for your Bathroom Renovation

Your choice in tiles will dictate the overall feel of your bathroom renovation, making it one of the most crucial decisions to make besides your bathroom fixtures. This post runs through the key considerations to make when it comes time to select your new tiles for your bathroom renovation, including budget and maintenance tips as well as the latest trends to keep an eye out for!

Research & Visit a Tile Showroom

The very best way to get started on planning your bathroom renovation is to have a look at the latest tile options and trends that are available; The Perini Tiles Showroom in Richmond is simply bursting with all the latest trends as well as our favourite classics to ensure there is truly something to suit everyone’s unique style and budget.

Have a browse of some home design magazines, have a look at online design forums or blogs and also make some time to browse Pinterest for some wonderful tips and inspiration. This will give you an excellent idea of which design style you prefer, which in turn will ultimately assist you in narrowing down your decisions when it comes to selecting your tiles and bathroom fittings.

Bathroom Design Trends

Whether you are a trendsetter or prefer the classics, your bathroom design should reflect your own unique sense of style. This year we’ll be seeing more of a focus on timeless beauty and elegance in home design, with rich, deep hues such as navy blue, earthy greens and warm lavender tones making a splash along with much brighter, more playful tones such as mint and other pastel colour options.

The Arabian handmade tile collection at Perini Tiles offers a warm aesthetic in the bathroom that is full of character and charm. These luscious tiles are available in a large selection of earthy tones to help you achieve the perfect tranquil bathroom design in your next renovation.

Tile Size vs. Room Size

When picking out your new tiles, it is important to take the size of your new bathroom into consideration in order to ensure your selections will be in proportion with the room’s dimensions. For example, small format tiles can look a little out of place in a large, open bathroom if they are not paired with a complimenting larger format tile. On the other hand, large format tiles can work well in both large and small bathroom layouts as they offer unique benefits to each. Large format tiles can be used in a smaller sized room to add the illusion of added space, creating a continuous and near seamless look. In a bigger bathroom however, a larger tile will be in proportion with the room’s dimensions and also allow the added bonus of giving you the option to choose feature tiles or mosaics to complement the design and add a layer of texture and interest to the space.

Select a Feature

Whether you are renovating a smaller or larger sized bathroom, maintaining consistency in your tile sections is key in creating a harmonious look. If you are looking at the possibility of using more than one tile design (for example, if you are including a feature floor or wall in your bathroom design) a maximum of three different tiles in the single space will ensure a more consistent and aesthetically pleasing final outcome. Any more than three different tile designs in the one space can often lead to a very busy design, diminishing the tranquil and soothing atmosphere that is most desirable in a bathroom redesign.

Our Hamptons bathroom design uses timeless pattern tiles to create a feature of the flooring in this space, perfectly tying in with the soft grey tone of the stone benchtop whilst providing a soft contrast to the predominately white colour scheme.

Budget & Maintenance

You will find tiles available in a myriad of different price points, with porcelain, glass, natural stone and handmade tiles usually being in a higher price point than their ceramic tile counterparts.

Another all important consideration to make when picking out your new tiles is maintenance. Where most porcelain, glass and ceramic tiles will require little to no maintenance after installation, natural stone tiles however, will need some upkeep. Natural stone materials require sealing after installation and then every few years or so after that. Being porous in nature, liquids can seep through the surface of natural stone and cause permanent stains. Keeping your natural stone tiles maintained with regular cleaning and sealing will ensure they maintain their aesthetic and integrity for many years however, this regular maintenance may not be to everyone’s liking: a factor to take into consideration when selecting your new tiles.

A near perfect simulation of concrete, the contemporary Washington porcelain tiles provide a fabulous maintenance-free floor and wall finish which will not require regular sealing. Available in a selection of neutral tones, you can view the collection here.

Ordering Tiles

Our design team at Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms will calculate and order your tiles for your bathroom renovation ensuring a completely stress-free and smooth bathroom build. We will include some extra tiles in your order to allow for any potential wastage during the building process, as well as to ensure that you have some spare pieces for later on down the track, should they be needed. It is always a good idea to ensure you’ve included some extra tiles in your order as pieces will vary from batch to batch. Later on down the track, should you require a couple of extra tiles to repair any breaks or fill in any gaps after moving your cabinetry, pieces that have been ordered from the same batch will blend in with your existing finishes; tiles purchased from a different manufactured batch however, will stand out against your existing finishes, making any small differences extremely noticeable.

Confirm your Layout

While selecting your new tiles, you will also want to take their ideal layout into consideration and make sure to confirm your preferences with our team prior to installation. Subway tiles for example, can be laid in several different patterns, from a traditional brick bond to a more modern herringbone pattern so it is crucial that you specify your preferences during the design process.

The most exciting part of any bathroom renovation is the process of selecting all new finishes and fittings; the excitement of seeing your vision all come together is truly magnificent and our team at Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms is here to support and guide you through each step of the way!

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