Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

An outdoor kitchen or alfresco area provides the perfect family space for warm Summer evenings. Your outdoor space can include a comfortable lounge, dining setting and a spectacular outdoor kitchen, complete with built-in barbeque, sink and fridge for the perfect set up. When creating the perfect outdoor kitchen, it is crucial to consider what types of materials and products can be used; materials that are normally used in a traditional indoor kitchen cannot always be used in outdoor spaces as they are more exposed to the elements. You will find many specialised products available however that will be perfectly suited to your new outdoor kitchen, allowing for a strong, sturdy and low maintenance design that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Cabinetry Solutions for Outdoor Kitchens

Cabinetry material manufacturers such as Laminex have developed specific collections that are suitable for outdoor kitchens. Laminate products that are designed for outdoor use will normally feature a UV resistant coating that is integrated within the laminate itself, minimising any damage from occurring as a result of exposure to the sun. Although there will be some fading over time, these products can usually be refreshed when need be, rejuvenating the external finish.

Benchtops for Outdoor Kitchens

The most common benchtop options for outdoor kitchens traditionally include stainless steel, concrete, solid surface and porcelain. Installation of engineered or natural stone benchtops is often avoided in outdoor spaces as fluctuations in temperate as well as exposure to UV rays can not only cause theses stones to fade and discolour but can also lead to cracking in the surface as a result of temperature shock. Popular engineered stone manufacturer Caesarstone has however, created a spectacular outdoor benchtop product that is superbly durable, UV resistant and long lasting, introducing the immense advantages of engineered stone benchtops to our outdoor living spaces.

Caesarstone’s exciting new outdoor stone benchtop collection allows for the creation of a vast range of new designs, from a sleek and crisp worktop and barbeque surround to custom designed and made outdoor furniture.

Tiles for Outdoor Kitchens

There are many varieties of outdoor tiles to choose from including porcelain, ceramic and even luscious glass mosaic tiles that can be used as feature element in your outdoor kitchen design. Porcelain tiles are perhaps the most popular option for outdoor spaces thanks to their incredible strength and durability. As porcelain tiles are baked at extreme temperatures, the finished product is incredibly dens and hard-wearing, offering a lifetime of use in an outdoor area. Outdoor specific porcelain tiles will also feature a textured surface that increases the floor’s grip, effectively minimising slips as a result of moisture, making tiles a safe and long lasting surface finish for an outdoor kitchen design.

Perini Tiles Paladino range are available in both indoor and outdoor options, allowing for a seamless look from your indoor living area to your outdoor kitchen and dining space.

Appliances for Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen can simply include a barbeque and bench space, allowing for delicious meals to be prepared outdoors during the warmer months. If you have the space however, including other appliances and fittings will create a fully functioning kitchen in your outdoor area. Stainless steel sinks and tapware can be included for drinking water and washing up while small outdoor fridges can also be installed beneath your outdoor kitchen’s benchtop for added convenience. Another exciting element that is rising in popularity in Australian homes is the outdoor rangehood which can be installed over your barbeque to clear out any smoke and odour from the area.

Qasair’s range of outdoor rangehoods can be installed directly over your barbeque to assist with reducing smoke and odors from loitering in your outdoor kitchen and dining space.

An outdoor kitchen and dining space adds immense value to your home, allowing for more flexible dining and relaxation areas. The space can simply include a small cooking area together with a dining or lounge space or include all the luxuries of a fully functioning kitchen, including a sink, rangehood and refrigerator together with a luxurious benchtop that will create a luxurious touch in your new outdoor space. Our design team at Perini Renovations will assist you in the creation of the perfect outdoor space, creating a custom designed kitchen that is perfectly suited to your own specific requirements and preferences.

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