Top Storage Solutions for a Better Organised Kitchen

A kitchen renovation offers the chance to completely re-design your space in the very best way possible, ensuring your kitchen can be enjoyed and used efficiently for many years to come. Including different storage solutions in your new kitchen design will achieve this goal, creating a space that works exactly the way you need it to, in a layout that is most effective for your needs.

The following kitchen storage solutions provide an excellent starting point in your kitchen renovation journey, from expertly arranged and organised drawers to easily accessible corner storage options.

Start with the Best Layout & Plan your Storage Space

When starting out on your kitchen renovation journey, it is absolutely crucial to consider what the very best layout would be. An efficient kitchen layout should not only suit the available space, but must also be optimised to suit the way you actually use your own kitchen, with all the necessities within arm’s reach where they are needed. Our design team will measure up your existing space and discuss your individual needs with you before creating the ultimate kitchen plan and layout that will work best for you.

During the kitchen planning process, it is also essential to consider where exactly you will be storing all of your kitchen necessities, from crockery to spices, oils, pantry goods and cleaning products. Prepare a detailed list of all the items you need to store away in your new kitchen and consider where exactly the most ideal place for these would be, depending on your own style of cooking. For example, spices and oils are often best placed near your cooking zones whereas cleaning products will of course, be best placed near the kitchen sink. By taking the time plan your storage space before finalising your kitchen design, you will ensure that every item is accounted for, making for a much more efficient and well organised design.

Kitchen Drawer Dividers & Trays

Aside from the more common kitchen cutlery and utensil trays, many kitchen hardware manufacturers also include various dividing and organisational systems to keep your drawers perfectly arranged and tidy. Blum’s kitchen drawer dividers for example, can be customised to suit your own storage requirements, effectively keeping items such as containers, lunch boxes and pantry items neatly arranged and easy to access. Other exciting products included within their range include spice racks that fit neatly in your kitchen drawers as well as plate holder systems that not only keep all of your plates safely in order when the drawers are being operated, but can also be pulled out entirely as an effective and safe way of carrying your crockery from the kitchen to the table.

Blum’s Orga-Line collection includes customisable drawer dividers, pull-out spice racks and even plate holders to help create a much better organised space in your next kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Pull-Out Storage

Pull-out kitchen storage solutions aren’t simply limited to drawers; there are many creative ways to maximise your storage space in the kitchen that will effectively allow complete access to all of your stored items where and when they are needed. Two-tiered pull-out units are available that are perfect for storing spices and oils beside a cooktop or oven. These units are available in wider 300mm widths, as well as ultra-narrow 150mm wide systems that fit in neatly beside your appliances. Similar units can also be included beside your kitchen sink cabinet that provide an excellent spot for your cleaning products, extra sponges and much more.

Pull-out storage systems can also be used in place of traditional pantry units. These systems will fit into a tall cabinet and include several pull-out trays in place of shelving, eliminating the issue of stored goods becoming lost in the back of your pantry.

Our stylish Armadale kitchen renovation includes several different organisational systems to create a highly efficient space, from base pull-out spice and oil racks to nifty corner storage solutions and more.

Kitchen Corner Cabinet Ideas

Corner kitchen cabinets have long been an issue in the home. Traditional corner cabinets will normally feature a large bi-fold door and internal shelving that although allows you to store a fair amount of items, doesn’t allow for the best access to these goods. Modern kitchen hardware solutions allow the use of better corner storage arrangements that provide much more efficient access to all of your storage space without the need to rummage around the far back of your kitchen cabinets.

Our South Melbourne kitchen renovation makes expert use of a blind kitchen corner by including a nifty pull-out system that brings the hidden storage right out to you.

All of these storage solutions will help you create a more efficient space that works best for you and your own individual needs. Perini Renovations will work with you to custom design the very best layout while also planning the most effective storage solutions for your new space. Contact us here to book a design consultation with our knowledgeable team!

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