NEW from Smartstone: The Ibrido Collection

Smartstone has recently launched their exciting new collection of engineered stone products: The Ibrido Collection. This low silica engineered stone solution provides a sustainable option for the home, being made of 56% recycled material: An industry first that we are sure will pave the way for more exciting sustainable design solutions in the near future!

At its launch, the Ibrido Collection includes seven timeless colour options in impressive jumbo sized slabs measuring 3200 x 1600mm, each inspired by various natural stones.

As with all of Smartstone’s engineered stone solutions, these too offer a hard-wearing and durable option that is suitable for use in the home as a kitchen benchtop, laundry benchtop or bathroom vanity top. Unlike traditional natural stone benchtops, engineered (also referred to as composite stone) benchtops do not require sealing and are resistant to moisture and staining with the right use and care, making them an ideal option for busy homes.

Natural materials and textures are a strong feature in current interior design trends, offering a timeless and elegant choice for the home. These styles create a serene and tranquil atmosphere in the home while effortlessly complementing a range of more modern or contemporary design options such as concrete or timber.

The low silica characteristic of the Ibrido Collection fills a need in today’s market where the dust particles released into the air during the process of cutting stone has been proven to be harmful to our health. This exciting collection from Smartstone promises a timeless choice for the home while also delivering a low maintenance option that is environmentally friendly.

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