How to Keep a Consistent Theme in your Home Renovation

Keeping a consistent theme throughout your home provides a sense of continuity and harmony to your interiors, making for a wonderfully aesthetically pleasing environment that reflects your own unique style. There are a few simple strategies that can be used in order to create a common theme that will unify for your home, starting with clearly defining your own unique interior design style, selecting key accent colours and materials, or opting for the same or similar type of flooring throughout the entire home.

Define your Interior Design Style

The best way to nail a consistent theme throughout your home renovation is to clearly define your own unique style while carrying those key design elements throughout your home’s interiors. Whether you prefer a contemporary look or a traditional country style interior design scheme, using standout features of these specific styles in each area of your home creates a unified and harmonious atmosphere that will connect each space with the next, allowing your entire home’s colour and style palette to flow.

South Melbourne Home Renovation
Our South Melbourne new home build carries a sophisticated, modern industrial styled theme, with polished concrete flooring and an achromatic design scheme that is highlighted with smaller bursts of colour throughout to create character and interest.

Finding your style in the first place can often seem a challenge; the best way to create your own look and narrow down your options is to sift through inspirational images either online or in home magazines and picking out your favourite pieces. Hone in on the various elements that make up any particular interior design scheme you see: You may only like a small part of an overall design such as specific cabinet handles, benchtop finishes or wall colours. Take note of each of these items and soon enough, you will start to see a consistent style coming through in your choices, allowing you a better understanding of the exact direction you want to take in your own home’s interior design scheme.

Select an Accent Colour or Material

Another excellent strategy that will help you keep a sense of consistency and flow throughout your newly renovated home is to select a key accent colour or material that can be used in each area, effectively tying the spaces together to create a cohesive and unified style. This strategy can be applied to your choice of wall paints, materials such as stone or timber, or in your selected décor and accessories. Introduce your selected colour or material in each area of the home, whether it is in a fixed item such as a kitchen, laundry or bathroom benchtop or in your chosen accessories, paint colours or artwork to create a continuous vibe in your home renovation that will connect the entire scheme together.

Brighton Home Renovation
Our Brighton kitchen renovation uses glossy black surfaces, artwork and accessories to tie each connecting space together, from the dining area to the adjacent living room, creating an elegant flow throughout the home.

Continuous Flooring

Keeping a consistent flooring material throughout your home renovation provides another fabulous option to connect each area. Porcelain floor tiles or timber flooring options both provide excellent solutions, each being a hardwearing and simple to maintain surface for the busy home. Individual zones and spaces can be clearly defined with the use of soft area rugs that will also act as a means of providing warmth and comfort to key areas such as the bedrooms and living rooms, allowing for a low maintenance flooring solution in the home that has the additional benefit of providing a strong sense of continuity and character throughout.

East Hawthorn Home Renovation
Our East Hawthorn home extension project uses a soft grey porcelain floor tile through the entire open plan living area as well as the connecting rooms. The same tile has even been carried through to the outdoors, paving a lavish alfresco and outdoor living area, creating a perfectly harmonious connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Creating a sense of continuity in your home renovation provides a harmonious and well balanced atmosphere in your interiors, making for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing look. Our experienced design team at Perini Renovations will assist you each and every step of the way in the process of making your dream home come to life, from design straight through to completion.

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