Timber Kitchen Cabinetry Options

Timber has long been a favourite material in the kitchen with its rise in popularity leading to the creation of many different timber and timber-look cabinetry products that allow the creation of a multitude of styles, from country styled kitchens to modern and contemporary looks. Aside from traditional solid timbers however, you will find an excellent range of cabinetry options available at every price point, allowing you the freedom of choice in achieving your dream kitchen design in your next home renovation.

Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Laminate kitchen cabinets offer a cost effective and modern design solution for the home. Strong, sturdy and simple to maintain, laminate options are available in a vast array of colours and finishes, including a luxurious range of textured timber options to help you achieve a timeless and modern look in your home at a fraction of the cost of real solid timber. Timber laminate products are made using layers of plasticised paper that is finished with a protective seal, making them simple to keep clean and maintain. Laminate kitchen cabinets cannot however, be ordered with a specific profile pattern and are only available in a smooth, flat style which can limit your design choices. There are many ultra-realistic options to choose from though, including warm honey toned timbers and deep charcoals, to the more rustic white-washed looks with high gloss, matte and textured laminates available to choose from.

Our Hawthorn kitchen renovation uses a stylish laminate timber-look product to create a warm, light-filled and inviting atmosphere in this modern kitchen design scheme.

Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Cabinets (Thermolaminated Cabinetry)

Vinyl wrapped cabinetry is created using thin sheets of vinyl that are vacuum wrapped over each door or drawer front in your kitchen. Falling in the mid-range price point of cabinetry finishes, a quality vinyl wrap should not discolour or peel over time when maintained and installed correctly, making it an excellent choice for the kitchen. Similar to solid timber cabinets, vinyl wrapped kitchen cabinetry can also be ordered in a variety of different profiled door and drawer fronts, allowing for a more unique and personalised look in your new design. Once again, vinyl wrapped cabinetry is available in a respectable amount of colours, textures and styles to choose from, with high-gloss, matte and textured timber-look varieties to choose from for your next kitchen renovation.

Polytec is a manufacturer of both laminate and vinyl wrap cabinetry products, with an astonishing range of colours and styles to choose from. This kitchen uses vinyl wrapped cabinetry in a luscious dark timber finish with modern profiled door and drawer fronts to create a timeless and characteristic look.

Timber Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Timber veneer kitchen cabinets offer a timeless charm in the home, using a slice of real timber over kitchen doors and drawer fronts to create a unique and distinct look in any design. You have the option of choosing from an immense variety of natural timbers, sheen levels and even specific cuts (such as crown cut for example) of timber to create the exact look you are after in your next kitchen renovation. Timber veneer cabinets are of course, priced higher than laminate or vinyl wrap options however, the product provides much more freedom of choice and a warm, authentically earthy vibe in your design that is simply unparalleled.

Navlam (a product of New Age Veneers) combines natural timber veneer with the strength and durability of laminate and polyurethane products, creating a unique cabinetry finish that is available in an endless variety of styles and colours.

Solid Timber Kitchen Cabinets

Solid timber kitchen cabinets are most commonly seen in country styled interiors, creating a warm, tactile and elegant vibe in a design. This style of kitchen has since evolved and progressed, making its way into various different styles of kitchen design including modern and contemporary schemes, industrial styles and vintage glam looks. Solid timber kitchen cabinets sit at the higher end of the pricing scale with respect to the type of timber that is used, the finish and stain that is applied to it and the specific style of each cupboard or drawer front desired. Unlike veneers and laminates, solid timber cabinetry can include a stylised profile face, adding character, warmth and pattern to your kitchen design.

There are many ways of achieving the warmth and characteristic charm of timber cabinetry that will meet every price point, allowing you the freedom of choice in your next kitchen renovation. Our design team at Perini Renovations can guide you through the selection process in order to find that exact material, style and colour of timber to nest suit your design vision and budget.

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