The Pros & Cons of Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs create a luxurious sense of drama and elegance in the bathroom, with an immense range of designs to choose from that will suit both traditional and modern interior design schemes alike. There are a few key factors to consider in their selection however, from finding the right tub to suit your design style to ensuring the correct layout and placement of your new bathtub, as well as the overall depth of your selected model for better ease of access.

Timeless Aesthetic Appeal

There is no denying that a freestanding bathtub helps create an air of luxury in your design. They make for the ultimate statement piece, immediately conjuring up thoughts of a long, comforting soak after a long day, making them a truly attractive element of any luxury bathroom design. This feature is just one of the many reasons why freestanding bathtubs have become so popular through the years, with a vast range of options available to suit just about any design scheme, from the more minimal and modern looks to classic and traditional styles.

Using an elegant, Art Deco inspired design scheme our Hawthorn bathroom renovation includes an opulent black and white freestanding bathtub beneath a luxurious crystal chandelier, respecting the period style home’s historic style.

Are Freestanding Bathtubs easy to install?

Freestanding bathtubs do provide an easy to install solution for the bathroom as they do away with the necessary framework and structure that a traditional built-in tub would normally require. You will also save on the added tiling and grout required for built-in tubs, reducing labour and material costs involved in your bathroom renovation project. These factors also mean that the tubs are more straight forward to replace later on down the track in comparison to their built-in counterparts, as the entire tub can simply be removed and a new one installed in its place when necessary.

Is cleaning around a freestanding bathtub difficult?

Cleaning around a freestanding bathtub will depend on its final placement in your bathroom layout and design. Installing a freestanding bathtub too close to a wall means that it can be a little difficult to thoroughly clean behind it so it is always best to allow for a minimum of 10cm or more between the tub itself and the nearest wall, which will easily allow enough space for your mop to clean up any spills behind the tub, preventing the build-up of grime.

Layout and Placement

Freestanding bathtubs are usually best suited to bathrooms with more space to play around with as you will need to allow for additional room  to clean around the tub itself as well as any freestanding bath fillers. If you are short on space however, you can still recreate this luxurious look by using a back-to-wall freestanding bathtub. These models offer the same opulent style but fill in the gap between the tub itself and the wall, closing this empty space and doing away with the issue of cleaning around the tub. You can also opt for in wall bath spouts in place of freestanding bath fillers that will not take up any precious floor space in your new bathroom design.

Our Balwyn bathroom renovation includes a back-to-wall freestanding bathtub that effectively seals the gap between the tub and the wall for better ease of maintenance while still creating a luxurious look.

Depth and Access

An all important factor to consider when selecting your new freestanding bathtub is its overall depth as this can have an effect on its accessibility. It is important to view your selected tub in person prior to purchasing rather than selecting from catalogues or online resources to ensure your selected bathtub is at an overall height that will best suit your needs and mobility.

There are many different sized models available however, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your design. Have a browse of your local bathroom showroom for a better idea of which tub depths, sizes and overall heights will best suit your needs and design style before making a final decision on your purchase to ensure a tub that is fully accessible as well as comfortable and stylish in your design.

Our Collingwood bathroom renovation uses an eclectic combination of colours and finishes for a striking look that is full of personality. The copper bathtub provides an impressive depth that is perfect for a luxurious soak at the end of the day, while the wide brim and curved sides allow for better ease of access as well as comfort.

Perini Renovations will assist you in sourcing the perfect fittings for your next bathroom renovation, guiding you every step of the way from conceptualising your new design right through to construction, paying immense attention to detail to ensure a positive outcome every time. Contact us here to arrange a design consultation with our team!

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