Bathroom Design Trends of 2022

Bathroom design trends of 2022 are focusing on enhancing the user’s comfort and bathing experience in the home while creating a look and feel that is timeless and elegant. With a strong focus on unique and comforting colours and materials, this year’s bathroom design trends include a range of retro and vintage options that recall the warmth and elegance of times gone by to create a new look that offers a gentle nod to the past.

Retro & Vintage Bathroom Design

After the difficulties the world has faced throughout these last few years, interior design trends this year are focusing more on creating a strong sense of comfort in the home by drawing inspiration from the timeless trends of the past. Using retro and vintage inspired patterns, colours and styles in your new bathroom layout will create a wonderfully unique and personal touch while also providing a strong sense of comfort and security.

Bathroom Design Trends_Beach Club Retro Tiles_Perini Tiles
Available at Perini Tiles, these stunning retro inspired floor tiles instantly create a sense of warmth and character in a space with their use of bold colour and pattern.

Bathroom tiles provide an excellent means of including a retro look in your next bathroom design project. Retro inspired bathroom tiles include bold, energetic patterns paired with luscious colour combinations of soft cream, mossy greens and warm terracotta tones, evoking feelings of warmth and comfort while still creating a vibrant and bold look in your design.

Glamorous Bathroom Cabinetry

This year, we’ll be seeing plenty of customised Art Deco inspired pieces that make use of the period’s classic curved designs, instantly creating a luxe and glamorous vibe in your next bathroom renovation project. The Art Deco design period is defined by a range of rich materials and finishes such as natural marbles, glossy jade toned finishes, and opulent mirrors as well as stylish patterns such as fans, scales and of course, curved designs.

Art Deco Bathroom Design
Our Hawthorn bathroom renovation uses the home’s original timber flooring to create a warm atmosphere in this very Art Deco inspired design! A stylish marble vanity unit is perfectly complemented with an impressive amount of storage in the bathroom’s luxurious armoire to create a wonderfully functional yet luxurious space.

For a more casual or beachy inspired look, blonde timbers paired with earthy textures such as concrete or terrazzo stone will create a wonderfully tranquil energy in your bathroom design. The combination of these highly tactile textures creates a refined and soothing look in a nature-inspired colour palette and can be perfectly complemented with the use of soft, off-white tiles for a harmonious look.

Luxurious Bathroom Lighting Solutions

Focusing on the various bathroom lighting solutions during the design process will allow for a well-planned and highly functional space. A well designed bathroom should include a combination of artificial and natural light where possible for the perfect balance. Artificial bathroom lighting solutions can be used strategically throughout the space to focus a direct source of light where it is needed the most. Back-lit mirrors for example, provide a diffused light on the face, making morning routines a breeze. LED strip lighting options can also be included in your design: these can be installed directly beneath a floating vanity unit, or beneath open wall shelves or your medicine cabinet for a source of diffused light. This solution creates a soft look and is perfect for use in the evenings during a long bath or as a comforting night light in the bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
Our East Melbourne bathroom renovation includes a stunning vintage inspired floor tile that is perfectly complemented by the light-filled space. A combination of artificial and natural light is used to enhance the room’s functionality while also creating a light and breezy look.

Brass or Black Bathroom Tapware

Providing a timeless alternative option to the traditional chrome fittings we’ve all become accustomed to in the bathroom, brass and matte black tapware make for a stunning statement in your overall design scheme while also pairing exceptionally well with a vast range of different colours and materials. These two colour options have featured in interior designs over the last few years and are ever increasing in popularity, making them exciting timeless options when paired with complimentary colours and materials in the bathroom.

Our design team at Perini Renovations can assist and guide your through the process of creating the perfect bathroom in your home, from expertly coordinating the very best materials and colours to bring your vision to life, to creating the perfect bathroom layout to achieve the best use of the space.

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