How to Design a Transitional Bathroom

An ever growing trend in the world of bathroom design is the Transitional style. This style combines the old with the new where traditional designs are accented with modern touches to create a distinct visual style that is simply bursting with charm and character.

Transitional interior design schemes provide a wonderfully timeless look in the home, creating an elegant and inviting aesthetic that is perfectly suited to both modern and period style homes thanks to its unique characteristics. There are several different ways of achieving a stunning transitional bathroom design scheme, from selecting the perfect bathroom tiles and fittings, to including feature bathroom accessories that will highlight and define the overall design aesthetic.

Create a Feature using Pattern Tiles

Ornately patterned tiles provide the perfect choice for a transitional styled bathroom, effortlessly combining the old with the new to create a truly harmonious balance. Patterns can be as vibrant or as discreet as you prefer with a vast range of bolder coloured tiles and softer tones available to suit every taste and unique style. Making for the perfect feature element, use patterned tiles to create either a feature wall or feature floor in your new bathroom design for show-stopping standout element that is truly timeless.

East Melbourne Bathroom Renovation_Transitional Bathroom_Period Style bathroom design
Our East Melbourne bathroom renovation uses ornately patterned porcelain floor tiles as a nod to the home’s original period style features. Modern bathroom fittings and accessories have been used to effortlessly create a well-balanced transitional bathroom design scheme.

Black and White Bathroom Tiles

Bold black and white tiles provide another stylish option that will sit comfortably in a transitional bathroom design scheme. This design choice once again provides a timeless elegance to the space, making for the perfect feature element in your transitional bathroom renovation. There are many choices available, from durable porcelain floor tiles to exquisite wall tile options made of either glass, ceramic or even natural materials such as black and white marble.

Labyrinth Marble Tiles_Transitional Bathroom_Period Style bathroom design
Perini Tiles’ Labyrinth mosaic tiles are designed by Australian Interior Stylist, Steve Cordony. Made of a classic combination of natural marbles, the collection fuses together Carrara, Thassos and Nero Marquina marbles to create a bold and dynamic feature in a transitional styled bathroom.

Transitional Bathroom Fittings

Many bathroom fitting manufacturers include a vast range of options that use modern technology but are designed in traditional styles. These options are perfectly suited to period style homes where maintaining the original character and aesthetic of the property is preferred however, they are also the very best choice for transitional styled interiors. In this style of bathroom, you have the freedom of combining these more traditional fittings with a selection of more modern pieces, including sleek chrome accessories or trending matte black bathroom fittings to create a perfect balance of classic and contemporary.

Kado Era Freestanding Bath_Transitional Bathroom_Period Style bathroom design
The Kado Era Freestanding Bathtub features a traditional set of clawed feet as a means of introducing the warmth and character often seen in period style homes. The traditional tub is paired with modern fittings and bathroom tiles to create a timeless transitional style in this example.

Bathroom Accessories

Include finishing touches in your transitional bathroom renovation with the use of elegant florals and potted plants, framed mirrors or artworks as well as a selection of matching vanity accessories that will help tie your entire bathroom scheme together. A popular trend in this style of bathroom design is to do away with the traditional medicine cabinet and instead, use an ornately designed wall mirror to create a stunning visual statement.

Hawthorn Bathroom Renovation
Our Hawthorn bathroom renovation includes Bisazza’s exquisite bathroom furniture, using a luxurious Nero Marquina marble as a vanity top with a built-in beveled mirror to create a statement in this classically inspired space.

Modern Home Renovations for Period Style Homes

A transitional bathroom design style offers an excellent option for homeowners looking to renovate a period style home. The style provides the perfect combination of modern and traditional stylings to create a space that will truly tie the old with the new in your home renovation, paying respect to the building’s heritage while still offering all the luxuries and technology of modern design.

A popular bathroom design style, transitional interiors create a warm and charming atmosphere in the home, perfect for achieving a tranquil and comforting environment in the bathroom. Our design team at Perini Renovations will assist you with your design choices, guiding you through the selection process ot source the very best options that will suit your design preferences.

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