Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Although creating a small kitchen design can seem overwhelming at first, oftentimes the constraints of the space’s dimensions can lead to the most creative and effective designs. Paying close attention to your chosen colour scheme and appliances while also allowing for flexible and functional storage will optimise your new kitchen, allowing for the creation of a superbly usable space that will meet all of your expectations and more.

Light & Bright Kitchen Colour Scheme

An excellent technique that will effectively brighten up a smaller sized kitchen is to use a range of lighter coloured materials and finishes that will lift the space while also creating a luxurious, breezy and open atmosphere. Use a combination of lighter tones such as white marble or a white engineered stone kitchen benchtop, light, neutral toned cabinetry, cheerful pastel hues, blonde timbers and sleek, glossy tiles for your splashback. The glossy surface of the your tiled splashback will not only allow light to travel throughout the space, further enhancing the space’s dimensions, but will also allow for an easy clean up after cooking, with a simple damp sponge gliding effortlessly across the glossy surface.

Richmond Kitchen Renovation_White Kitchen
Our Richmond kitchen renovation includes a crisp and bright all white scheme. The outdoor spaces are reflected in the mirrored splashback to further enhance the perception of space in the home, effectively bringing the outdoors in to create a bright design.

Plan Flexible Kitchen Storage

Ensuring you have carefully planned out your storage in a small kitchen renovation is the key to ensuring a design that will work best for your needs. During the planning process, carefully consider which items you wish to include in your new kitchen (from large and small appliances to crockery, cookbooks and cutlery) and note these items down. Together with your Designer or Builder, you can specify where in your new kitchen you would prefer these particular items to be stored, therefore ensuring that all of your requirements are met and addressed during the design process rather than later on. This step will ensure you have designated a spot for all of the essentials and also decided on where their placement would work best for your needs and cooking style, resulting in a highly functional kitchen design that truly has a place for everything!

Albert Park Kitchen renovation_Kitchen Corner Solutions
Our Albert Park kitchen renovation includes a unique custom made corner pantry that combines a small appliance cupboard (complete with stone benchtop and power-points) with a corner pull-out storage unit that allows for simple and easy access to stored ingredients.

Aside from planning your storage, you will also want to consider what types of storage solutions would work best for your needs. For example, a traditional corner storage cupboard can often be difficult to access; this can be replaced with a corner pull-out unit that allows you to easily and quickly access your stored items without any fuss. Pull-out pantry units can also be installed in your new kitchen that will once again allow full view and access to all your items while appliance cupboards can even be included in the space to ensure a designated spot for all small appliances, without the need of moving them in and out of storage when needed. Taking the time to carefully plan not only where all of your kitchen necessities will be stored as well as allowing for more flexible and easily accessible hardware solutions will optimise your kitchen design, ensuring a space that is highly functional.

Appliances Sizes for a Small Kitchen Design

When selecting new appliances for your next kitchen renovation, taking their actual size into consideration will dictate not only their actual placement in the space but also the balance of your cabinetry and what types of storage solutions can be fitted in your kitchen. As many pull-out storage systems are only available in set sizes, it is important to consider their final placement in relation to your kitchen appliances. Modern kitchen appliances are available in an excellent range of different size options, making it simple to find the best fit that will suit your dimensions. Aside from the more common 60cm and 90cm cooktops for example, you will also find 75cm and 80cm options available from certain appliance manufactures, allowing you the option of selecting a model that will best suit your cooking style as well as your kitchen’s dimensions.

Bosch 45cm Dishwasher
Renowned appliance manufacturer Bosch includes a narrow 45cm dishwasher in their collection that boasts stellar reviews! The unit is capable of holding 10 international place settings and also includes a self-closing door for better ease of use; the perfect fit for the small modern kitchen.

Dishwashers can also be found in more versatile styles and sizes, once again allowing you the option of choosing a model that will better suit your needs and the amount of space available. Traditionally, a 60cm dishwasher will be installed beside your kitchen sink however you will also find narrow 45cm models now available as well as Fisher & Paykel’s unique DishDrawer™ that is specifically designed to offer the user more flexibility with single drawer and double drawer options available to suit larger and smaller homes alike.

Creating a smaller kitchen design does not equate to a compromise in your preferences; in fact, smaller kitchen layouts open the door to creativity, allowing for more unique and exciting designs to be created as a direct result of the space’s dimensions. Using a light and bright colour scheme to enhance the overall size of the space while also paying close attention to the best storage options and appliance sizes, you can create a highly functional and comfortable space in your next kitchen renovation. Our design team at Perini Renovations will create the very best layout and design that will suit your needs and preferences, helping you to create the kitchen of your dreams!

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