Selecting the Perfect Kitchen Cabinetry Handles

Different styles of handles offer their own set of unique considerations to keep in mind when choosing your kitchen fittings, making this element of your kitchen a selection that should be confirmed during the design process to ensure the perfect look, style and most importantly, the best functionality. From traditional cabinetry knobs and pulls to sleek, bar type handles or handle-less options and even electronic, touch to open systems, there are many different types of kitchen cabinetry handles to choose from.

Kitchen Bar Handles

The traditional bar type cabinetry handle has seen many variations or re-designs over the years. These types of handles provide a simple-to-hold bar that protrudes roughly 2cm from the cupboard face, allowing for easy and comfortable use that evenly distributes the weight, making them especially useful and comfortable for loaded kitchen drawers. A common issue that is raised with these types of handles however, is that clothing can often get caught on the ends of the protruding bars which can lead to a lot of kitchen mishaps! Thankfully, modern designs of the traditional bar type cabinetry handle do away with this issue by concealing this gap with a continuous bar as demonstrated in the example below.

Balwyn Kitchen Renovation_All White Kitchen
Our Balwyn kitchen renovation uses polished stainless steel bar type handles that prevent clothing from getting caught on the ends thanks to their continuous finish that eliminates any protruding exposed sides.

Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

Cabinetry knobs and pulls provide a simple yet effective solution in the kitchen. As with most kitchen cabinetry handles, you’ll also find knobs available in a vast range of styles to choose from, each being specifically designed to suit different kitchen looks, from the more traditional Hamptons styled kitchens to more contemporary styles. If your new kitchen is to include drawers in the design, it is especially important to consider the overall weight of your drawers (including the contents of the drawer) in order to ensure a comfortable experience when using knob style handles as too much weight can lead to discomfort.

Handle-less Cabinetry: Touch Catch (Touch to Open) Cabinetry Options

Touch catches have been a popular option in kitchen designs over the years, especially for overhead cupboards. These opening systems allow the user to simply press the cupboard or drawer face to activate a spring loaded touch catch; the door face bounces open and can be easily closed again by simply pressing down on the door face once again. Blum’s Tip-on system is perhaps the most popular choice in these installations, providing an immensely reliable solution thanks to the manufacturer’s vigorous product testing process that ensures the long lifespan of all of their hardware products.

Richmond Kitchen Renovation_All White Kitchen Design
Our Richmond kitchen renovation uses sleek bar type handles on the base cabinets and integrated refrigerator as well as touch catch opening systems on all the overhead cupboards in keeping with the modern style of the space.

Handle-less Cabinetry: Electronic Cabinetry Opening Systems

Taking the concept of touch catch opening systems one step further, electronic opening systems are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen designs around the world thanks to their impressively smooth functionality and convenience. A simple touch to the cupboard face is all that is needed to activate the electronic system that will automatically open your cupboards for you. This feature is especially popular for bin drawers and overhead cupboards with a lift-up or folding door (as shown in the example below). As the cupboard door is lifted upwards in these sorts of installations, a traditional handle can often be too high up to reach in order to actually close the cupboard, making an electronic system the perfect solution in these designs. A small button is installed within the interior of the cupboard that allows the user to automatically close the cupboard door with a simple touch, offering the ultimate in convenience for the modern kitchen. 

Blum Servo Drive
Blum’s Servo Drive technology provides a perfectly convenient electronic opening and closing system for those hard to reach overhead cupboards. This same technology can also be used in your base and tall cupboards to create an ultra-modern kitchen design.

Other Handle-Less Options for Kitchen Cabinets

Aside from the use of touch catch or electronic opening systems, cabinetry can be created using other types of handle-less designs that are cut into the cabinet door itself, providing a type of built-in finger pull. This solution is especially popular for modern and contemporary kitchen designs as it provides a unique, minimalist look that is a feature element in itself.

Canterbury Kitchen Renovation
Our Canterbury kitchen renovation uses a finger-box style of cabinetry pull that is cut into the door and drawer faces to provide a handle-free design. The line-work of this style creates a stylish look that is a feature in itself making it the perfect fit for a modern kitchen design scheme.

Your choice of kitchen cabinetry handle should ensure a comfortable and ergonomically friendly design that will best suit your own needs and style preferences. Our design team at Perini Renovations will guide you through the process of creating the perfect kitchen, ensuring each and every detail is carefully considered, advising you on the very best design solutions that will suit your own personal taste, budget and needs.

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