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Bathroom Accessories: How to Choose a Towel Rail for your Bathroom

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Your bathroom accessories can include: towel rails and ladders, robe hooks, toilet roll holders and brushes, soap dishes or dispensers and wall shelves. Each of these items has a logical placement within your bathroom renovation plan: toilet accessories will obviously be placed beside the toilet while soap dishes and dispensers are stationed around the vanity unit or within the shower enclosure. 

While planning your new bathroom renovation, it is important to consider the final placement of your fittings, from the larger items such as the bathtub, shower and vanity unit and of course, the final touches that are your bathroom accessories. Planning the placement of your bathroom accessories during the design process ensures that the flow of the space (or the process in which the room is used) is comfortable and logical, making the very best use of the space. There are a few key steps to ensuring the perfect choice of towel rail for your bathroom design, from nominating the perfect space for it to deciding the ideal size, colour or style as well as the perfect installation height for your needs.

Designate a Space for your Towel Rail

Bathroom accessories such as towel rails, toilet roll holders, robe hooks, etc. aren’t always top of the list when it comes to creating the ideal bathroom layout as the big ticket items (such as the bathtub, vanity and shower) tend to take most of the attention throughout the decision making process. It is especially important to consider your towel rail’s ideal placement in your new bathroom design to ensure the most efficient layout that will suit your needs and the way you actually use the space. 

It is preferable to make space directly beside your shower and bathtub for a towel rail or ladder so that the user can simply grab the towel after bathing without needing to walk across the bathroom, thus minimising water droplets from spreading throughout the bathroom which will obviously cause a mess!

Art Deco bathroomOur Hawthorn bathroom renovation includes a small towel ladder directly beside the luxurious freestanding bathtub, making the towels readily accessible where they are needed to avoid excess water from puddling on the floor.

needed to avoid excess water from puddling on the floor.

If there is simply no room beside the bathing areas for a towel rail, the rail can be placed in another area with robe hooks installed beside the bathing areas, allowing the user to hang a towel on the robe hook for easy access straight out of the shower or bath, once again minimising the spread of water and mess in the space. 

What size towel rail should I use?

Finalising the location of your towel rail will also dictate the actual measurements of your selection. If, for example, there is only 60cm of wall space to spare beside your bathing areas, then a 50-55cm wide towel rail would be the perfect fit. 

If you are opting to use a towel ladder instead of a standard rail, you will want to consider the overall height of the ladder and whether or not this would suit your needs while also being in proportion with the room’s overall dimensions. 

It is also important to consider the actual depth (how far it will stick out from the wall) of your selected towel rail or ladder so as to ensure it does not protrude too far into a walkway for example, or potentially collide with an opening door.

Style and Colour

Ideally, your selected towel rail should match the colour and style of your tapware and other bathroom fittings. If you’ve selected a traditional bright chrome finish for your tapware for example, match your towel rail with this finish for a consistent and balanced look in your bathroom design. The actual shape of your towel rail should also be in line with the style of your tapware; tapware that includes sharp, straight edges in their design should be reflected in your selected bathroom accessories while more rounded styles should also match up with the remainder of your bathroom fittings, once again creating a balanced overall design scheme.  

Our vintage inspired bathroom renovation features a large heated towel ladder installed over the bathtub for easy access. The bright chrome finish is carried throughout the remainder of the bathroom’s accessories, from the tapware to the wall shelves and even the toilet buttons on the wall.

What is the best height for a towel rail?

A towel rail should ideally be installed at 1000mm above the ground. This allows ample space beneath it for your towels to sit comfortably without brushing the ground. In the case of a tall towel ladder however, it is important to keep in mind that towels are often hung over several rungs and as such, tall towel ladders can be placed lower to the ground in order to ensure all rungs are within reach and the ladder serves its function. 

Other Options: Heated Towel Ladders & Rails

Heated towel ladders and rails provide a perfectly luxurious solution in the bathroom. Thanks to their immense popularity in modern bathroom designs, heated towel ladders and rails are now available in an immense variety of sizes, shapes and even colours to help you create a consistent design scheme in your bathroom renovation. These types of towel rails are available in both hardwired and plug-in varieties, allowing you the flexibility of including one in your existing bathroom without the need of knocking through walls.