Bathroom Design Trends Expected to be BIG in 2020

Perini Team

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As we approach the beginning of a new year, we’re looking at which bathroom design trends are expected to be BIG in 2020. From patterned tiles to rich, warm, earthy textures and bold colour choices, the bathroom designs of the future place a strong emphasis on comfort, function and style while using an assortment of soothing textures and materials to create the ultimate sanctuary in your home.

Bathroom Tile Trends

Embracing a world filled with soothing textures and patterns, we’re expecting to see plenty of bathroom designs that are inspired by nature. Terrazzo tiles continue to grow in popularity, with their uniquely patterned styles being suitable as both a standalone feature tile or for complimenting bolder colour choices such as soft blush tones, emerald greens, deep mustard hues and Mediterranean blues.

Other bathroom tiles that we’ll be seeing plenty more of throughout the new year include concrete-look porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles such as marble, and more boldly patterned tiles, recalling the intricate designs of traditional encaustic pieces used in Victorian-era homes. With an emphasis on movement and pattern, the tile trends of 2020 aim to create a sense of warmth and relaxation in the bathroom.

bathroom renovationPart of a freshly renovated period style home, this East Melbourne bathroom renovation includes a patterned porcelain feature floor tile to introduce a touch of old-world charm in this otherwise sleek and modern design.

Natural Textures & Materials

Including more natural materials and textures in the home creates a wonderfully soothing atmosphere: the perfect design solution for a relaxing bathroom. From natural stones to textured timbers, these warm textures can be introduced in your new bathroom design using a variety of materials and permanent design elements such as floor or wall tiles and natural stone or timber vanity tops, while being further enhanced with the use of functional accessories in the space such as woven baskets, potted plants and timber furniture. 

bathroom green marbleA marble tile feature wall creates a dramatic touch in this minimalist bathroom design by Perini Renovations. Complimented by a soft beige floor tile and crisp white wall tile, this design places a strong emphasis on the colours often found in nature to create a stunning visual treat.

Bathroom Colour Trends

Neutral tones and textures are always on trend in the home however, the new-year sees the inclusion of more retro-inspired colour themes such as bold, burnt oranges, soft blush hues and even warm mustards being used in the home. These warmer hues are contrasted by a dark and moody colour palette consisting of a variety of more eclectic colour choices such as deep green, blue and even rich plum.

blue bathroomUsing a handmade rich blue wall tile, this Collingwood bathroom renovation creates a perfectly cosy cocoon of warmth and relaxation.

Another fabulous way to include the latest colour trends in our bathroom design is to change up your soft furnishings to suit. Vanity accessories, bathroom towels, mats and other decorative pieces can easily be rearranged or revamped as trends evolve over time, ensuring your new design is always in style.

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting your new bathroom should include several layers of lights: Natural lighting from the outdoors, ambient lighting for effective all-over illumination, focused lighting for specific tasks, as well as feature lighting elements where possible. A simple wall light directly above or either side of your vanity mirror provides the perfect focused task lighting solution, effectively eliminating any shadows from being cast on the face. Feature lighting solutions include elegant pendant lights over a freestanding bathtub or vanity unit, creating a dramatic touch in your bathroom design. Making the best use of various lighting solutions in your new bathroom will ensure an efficiently designed space that is a delight to use.

modern bathroomUsing a skylight for natural light, this bathroom design perfectly combines several layers of lighting to create the optimum solution. LED strips have been included directly below the wall hung vanity and medicine cabinet to create a heavenly atmosphere in this luxury space.

Minimalist Designs

Minimalism in the home encourages a sense of cleanliness as well as a clutter-free lifestyle, a strong element of every sustainable home. By effectively reducing our consumption and waste, we are eliminating clutter from the home and making more conscious decisions in regards to which items we actually introduce into the home in the first place. A minimal bathroom design uses functional pieces that serve a specific purpose and eliminates the need for purely decorative items, making the design itself the feature of the space.

bathroom renovation marble-lookMinimalist interior design with a warm touch: This Balwyn bathroom renovation by Perini renovations features clean, crisp white fittings paired with a luxurious natural stone-look porcelain tile to create the perfect soft contrast in the space.

Luxurious minimalist bathroom designs, colourful and playful patterns and textures combined with earthy touches, all of these exciting and fresh elements will continue to feature prominently in the world of interiors throughout 2020. Our experienced team at Perini Renovations will guide you through the entire renovation process, ensuring a new space you will enjoy for many years to come!