Dulux Colour Forecast 2021

Perini Team

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 Each year, Australian paint company Dulux releases their predictions for trending colour palettes we’ll be seeing more of over the coming year. These colour selections are inspired by many different factors, from the fashion and entertainment industries as well as current social trends and attitudes in our community and daily lives. 

2020 has been a year of uncertainty and unrest and although this has brought forth many challenges and difficulties in the world, it has also allowed us to take a definite step away from our busy lives and spend more time with our families while also learning to take better care of ourselves in more practical ways. As a result of necessity, we have found more flexible ways of using our homes to do more: many of us are setting up home offices while also ensuring that our children are comfortable and enjoying learning from home. We have organised home gyms and even allowed ourselves extra time to learn new hobbies or revisit hobbies that have unfortunately become a luxury in our previously busy lives! Our homes are now working more for us than they ever have before! 

 Dulux’s colour forecast of 2021 embraces these changes in our day to day lives and uses our need and yearning for comfort and security to create a range of colour palettes that are both energetic and playful as well as soothing and tranquil to create the perfect balance and a sense of harmony in the home, where it is needed the most. 


The Nourish colour palette boasts a range of nature-inspired colours, from mossy greens to warm sandy tones and a few selected calming neutrals. Inspired by our need to reconnect with ourselves and those around us, the Nourish palette encourages us to “be present in the moment” and step away from our digital world to embrace the tranquillity of nature once again. Nurturing, revitalising and of course, nourishing are all perfect descriptors of this luscious colour palette. 

Dulu paint

The Nourish colour palette is inspired by the delightful and soothing tones most often seen in nature, from mossy greens to cloudy greys and whites, creating a sense of tranquillity in the home. 


The very retro inspired Reset colour palette includes a range of bold and uplifting colours from soft pastel tones to bolder, dusty oranges, pinks and browns, evoking the colourful 70s era design styles and trends. Complemented by a selection of warm whites, this colour palette creates a playful and inspiring atmosphere, encouraging creativity and a sense of excitement in any space. Encouraging us to put away our devices and ‘reset’ our way of life, this palette embraces change with a subtle nod to the past. 

Dulu Paint

Inspired by the colourful and playful designs of the 1970s, the Reset colour palette creates an exciting atmosphere in the home that is particularly ideal for boosting creativity. 


Tranquil and calming, the Retreat colour palette combines rich stormy colours such as navy blue, soft grey and dusty greens with earthy tones for a soothing colour palette that creates a dramatic and modern touch in any interior design scheme. This palette has been created in response to the recent changes in our daily lives where we have been forced to combine our work life with our home life. As many people are spending more time at home, working, studying and exercising, the distinction between our home and work lives has been blurred, making the home more of a flexible space that houses many more activities than we are used to. The Retreat colour palette effortlessly creates a sense of comfort and security where and when it is needed most. 

Dulux paint

The Retreat colour palette includes a range of soft neutral tones paired with bold and dramatic hues that work together to create a comforting atmosphere in the home. 

The Dulux 2021 Colour Forecast includes a range of warm and vibrant tones that are paired with softer neutrals for the perfect balance in your next interior design project. Each of these palettes draws inspiration from the need for comfort, security and tranquillity in the home environment that embraces nature and unites the indoors with the outdoors. Our design team at Perini Renovations will assist you in creating the perfect colour scheme, including expert advice on the best materials and finishes that will perfectly suit your needs, tastes and budget to create your dream home and create a perfectly balanced and unified look in your next home renovation project.