Getting Organised: Our Top Laundry Storage & Organisation Tips

Perini Team

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With the world being on pause this season as we all spend more time at home in isolation, keeping oneself occupied and productive is crucial in maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing. Organising your home to better suit your needs provides the perfect solution, allowing you to enjoy the space you live in and make the very best use of your existing layout. The laundry tends to become a dropping off point for many things in the home and as such, can often become cluttered and disorganised, making it the perfect place to start.

Use this time to tidy up and reorganise your laundry space which will in turn, allow you the opportunity to get a realistic snapshot of which areas can potentially be improved upon to allow for a better flow and use of this space.

Clean up & De-Clutter

The first thing to do of course is to conduct a thorough clean-up of your laundry room before moving forward. This will allow you better access to your storage space as well as offering a realistic view of which areas of the room may need some improving. De-clutter your laundry while removing any items that don’t have a place in there and gain back your valuable storage space! 

Our Collingwood home renovation includes a laundry cupboard within this studio apartment’s main bathroom. This design solution frees up space in other areas of the home while keeping your laundry where it is perhaps, needed the most! 

Arranging Laundry Storage

Once your storage space has been carefully tidied up, you will gain a better understanding of which storage areas may need improving in order to increase the space’s function and efficiency. 

Laundry storage options to consider include: adding a built in pull-out hamper to one of your cupboards or larger drawers, drawer dividers and inserts to better organise smaller bits and pieces, additional shelving or inner drawers installed within your existing cabinetry to help make the most of your storage or the addition of vertical storage options such as open shelving or wall hooks that will allow you to hang your brooms and dusters for easy access.

Hafele provides many laundry storage solutions, from pull-out hampers such as the Hailo Laundry Carrier pictured, to pull-out ironing boards to help diversify your design and create a highly functioning space. These pieces can be installed in existing cabinetry (or included in an entirely new design) provided that your cupboards and drawers are of a standard size that will suit these fittings.

Sprucing up & Home Improvements

After decluttering and rearranging your laundry room storage, you should be able to have a better view of which areas may potentially need sprucing up. Updating elements of your space can create an entirely new look, allowing you to create a fresh new design in the laundry. Consider updating your splashback with the latest tile designs, swapping out your cabinetry handles to spruce up your cupboards, updating appliances or fittings such as tapware, or repainting the entire room. 

Modern and colourful, this laundry uses Perini Tiles’ Rainbow porcelain tiles to create pattern and interest in this space, keeping up with the latest trends to achieve a fresh new look.

If instead, you find that the space is in need of a major update, you will find a wealth of resources available at your fingertips where you can start looking at different designs, layouts and colour schemes online and in our gallery to start planning your next home renovation. As a home’s laundry is often used as a multi-purpose service area of the home, a complete renovation provides you with the perfect opportunity to customise the space to perfectly suit your needs and lifestyle, providing you with the freedom to include completely custom cabinetry solutions and a more efficient layout.

The laundry room has evolved over the years to serve many more functions aside from washing up clothing; from providing additional home storage to being an extension of your kitchen and more. As such, it is an all-important area of the home that requires an excellent layout and design in order to ensure an efficient working space for the family. Our team at Perini Renovations can assist you in a your home renovation with expert guidance at every step of the way. Contact us to see how we can best help you in achieving your dream home!