Handle-Less Solutions for your Bathroom Vanity

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Sleek, modern and minimal, a handle-less bathroom vanity creates a stylish and clutter-free aesthetic in your design. There are many different styles of handle-free vanities to choose from, including aluminium finger grips that are available in an assortment of powder coated finishes, to ‘finger box’ styles that are constructed of the same cabinetry finish as your vanity. Our guide runs through the benefits, limitations and options available with this design choice to help make your decision easier. 

Benefits of Handle-Free Bathroom Vanity

There are several different benefits to a handle-free approach in the design of your bathroom cabinetry, from style advantages to allowing for better circulation in tighter quarters.

handle less solutions for bathroom vanity

Our Collingwood bathroom renovation uses a laminate finish on the cabinetry with a built-in ‘finger box’ style of handle. This design choice allows for a more streamlined approach and removes the nuisance of a protruding steel handle in the smaller sized bathroom layout.

Traditional steel handles can add to the style and character of a specific design with a vast array of choices available that will suit just about any aesthetic and budget however, a handle-free vanity unit in the bathroom allows for a more simple and streamlined approach that will always be on trend. Traditional stainless steel handles on you bathroom cabinetry can also pose a nuisance in smaller bathroom layouts where the handle may protrude into the space making it too easy to bump into or for clothing to catch onto it as you circulate through the space. A handle-less design does away with these issues, making it a perfect choice for any style of design scheme making it a perfect choice for tighter spaces where collisions can occur. 

Handle-Less Cabinetry Options

There are several different styles of handle-less cabinetry to select from, including the popular ‘touch catch’ opening systems where a simple push to the face of the cabinet will open your drawers or cupboards, to the use of continuous aluminium strips across the top of your doors and drawers that provide a secure and comfortable finger grip. 

 Hafele includes many different aluminium profile handles in their range, including simple silver finishes, to white and the more modern matte black varieties to tie in with your chosen colour palette.

Other solutions include constructing a ‘finger box’ across the top of your drawer and cupboard faces which work in the same way as an aluminium finger grip but are instead made of your selected cabinetry finish. It is important to note that certain styles are only achievable when using specific cabinetry finishes, for example a finger box style can be constructed using laminate products however a simple routered groove that acts as a cabinetry handle cannot be achieved using laminate cabinetry but instead, can be included in two pack or vinyl wrap finishes. Your Designer will discuss your available options during the design process of your bathroom renovation to ensure the perfect fit for your needs.

Limitations & What to Consider with Handle-Free Cabinetry

As with any design solution, there can be certain limitations when opting for handle-free cabinetry in your bathroom renovation. Touch-to-open options are obviously more prone to showing up fingerprints on completely matte or high gloss surface finishes. This issue can be resolved however with careful consideration of various vanity finishes. For example, fingerprint resistant matte laminate options are available, most often included in a laminate manufacturer’s premium collections. Textured laminate or vinyl wrap finishes on the other hand, will be much more forgiving when it comes to scratching and fingerprints, making them an ideal fit for a touch-to-open handle-less vanity design. 

 Blum’s Tip-on options offer a simple, touch-to-open solution that completely does away with visible handles, providing a sleek and modern look in your bathroom.

Another limitation to consider when opting for a handle-less style in your bathroom cabinetry is whether your selected handle will lead to loss of space in your vanity drawers. Certain styles such as built-in finger boxes and some aluminium finger grips can reduce the internal height of your bathroom drawers as this space is required to create an effective handle substitute. This can dramatically reduce the amount of usable space in your vanity drawers, especially in the case of shorter, shallower drawers so it is in an important factor to take into consideration when making that final decision.

There are several different factors that go into a selection of handle-free cabinetry in the bathroom, from specific styles to certain limitations that need to be considered during the design process. Our Design team at Perini Renovations will be able to assist you in making the best selections to suit your needs and personal style preferences during your bathroom renovation process, helping you to create the perfect design for your home!