How to Find your Interior Design Style

Perini Team

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 Pinpointing your own personal interior design style can often be a challenge, especially as there are so many incredible options available to choose from. The process is simple however if you follow just a few steps that will help you narrow down your options and create a design style in your next home renovation that is truly a reflection of your own unique personal style. 

Why do I need to find my Interior Design Style? 

 Finding your own personal interior design style allows for a simpler process when it comes to selecting your colour scheme, materials, fittings and finishes that will form your home project, whether it is a bathroom or kitchen renovation. Every unique interior design style will often be defined by the particular colours and materials that are used in its creation. A Hamptons style kitchen for example, will often feature a colour palette of blues, whites and soft grey tones along with marble benchtops and metallic fittings. A country style kitchen on the other hand, will often include a rustic timber benchtop paired with soft pastel tones in its colour palette. Narrowing down your own unique interior style will make these choices much more straight forward during the design process as each style lends itself especially well with certain choices. 

kitchen lighting

 Create your own unique look in your next kitchen renovation by carefully narrowing down your options and defining your own personal design style. Our Collingwood kitchen renovation uses a colourful array of finishes and textures to create a look that truly reflects the delightful owner’s warm personality! 

Define your Likes & Dislikes 

A great place to start is to consider the styles you DON’T like! This will immediately eliminate several different options, allowing you to better focus on the interior design styles that you enjoy best, making the entire process infinitely simpler. 

Our Albert Park kitchen renovation boasts a truly unique colour palette that was specifically designed to mirror the spectacular ocean views of this beachfront home. 

Next, narrow down your options by focusing on design styles you do prefer. Look through home renovation and design magazines, online galleries and social media platforms (such as Pinterest for example, which is simply bursting with ideas and inspiration) and save any and all images you like. You may not be particularly fond of the entire look of a certain design but you find yourself drawn to a key element of the space (such as the kitchen benchtop or feature lighting for example). Save the image and note down the key elements you enjoyed of this particular design, allowing you to create a complete and thorough scheme that will form the basis of your design brief when speaking with your Builder. 

Once you start gathering a collection of your favourite images, you should notice a distinct pattern emerging: You will notice that each design you’ve selected will have something in common, be it a particular colour scheme, feature element or even the cabinetry style. This pattern will further allow you to hone in on the interior design style that you most enjoy, allowing you to easily create a unique and stylish space that will truly reflect your personality. 

Materials and Colours 

As noted above, there are certain colours and materials that tend to show up more often in specific interior design styles. You will notice that more traditional, classical, and even Hamptons styled kitchen designs for example, tend to use glossy marble finishes in their design schemes. Keeping your project’s budget in mind, it may seem logical to immediately discount certain finishes as they might be out of reach however, these items should still be included in your collection of inspirational images as there may be an alternative option that will better suit your needs and budget while still offering the same look. 

Our Armadale kitchen renovation uses a combination of engineered and natural marble stone benchtops to create a perfectly balanced look in this fresh white kitchen. 

Using a natural marble kitchen benchtop as an example, you will find that this particular material falls on the higher end of the pricing scale. There are also additional factors to consider when using a natural material such as regular professional cleaning, sealing and maintenance that will ensure the product’s integrity throughout its lifespan. This may not be the most suitable option, especially in a busy home. In this case, an engineered stone alternative will offer the same look at a reduced cost and without the additional maintenance factors. You will also find similar looks can be achieved using a high gloss laminate benchtop that creates the look of marble in your renovation project. This option is especially attractive for smaller areas such as walk-in pantries or laundry rooms for example where an authentic stone benchtop is often replaced with a more cost effective option. Your Designer or Builder will run through each and every alternative option with you to ensure a result that will perfectly fit into your design vision and budget. 

Clearly defining your own unique interior design style will help you to create a consistent look in your next home renovation while also allowing you to effortlessly breeze through the process of selecting your ideal colours, finishes and fittings. By narrowing down your preferences and finding the perfect products that will suit your own unique style and budget, you can create the perfect look in your next renovation. Our design team at Perini Renovations will guide you through the process of creating your perfect colour palette while also recommending the very best materials that will suit your own individual needs and budget.