Ideas for a Period Style Bathroom Renovation 

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Australia is rich with a large variety of period style homes ranging from Federation styles to California Bungalows, Victorian Era and even Art Deco designs. Each of these designs feature many elements that are unique to their respective styles; Art Deco homes will often feature ornate glass, mirror and metallic finishes as well as a refined colour palette of black, white, navy blue and a range of pastel tones, especially mint green. A Victorian era home on the other hand, will often include elegant lace style cast iron features, rendered brickwork and a range of ornate and floral patterns to create a romantic look in the home. 

When renovating a period style home, you may choose to either create a completely modern design using contemporary bathroom tiles, finishes and fittings or instead, create a unique look that draws inspiration from these traditional styles while still including all the modern luxuries. The key to achieving the perfect balance between modern and traditional styles is to focus on a range of bathroom fittings that evoke the romance of these styles while carefully completing the design with modern touches.

 Bathroom Tiles for Period Style Homes 

There are many different styles and options available when it comes to selecting the perfect floor and wall tiles for a period style bathroom renovation. From traditional selections that are specifically designed to offer an authentic touch to the home, to more modern interpretations of these classic styles that offer a subtle nod to the past while still creating a contemporary look. Ornate feature tiles using intricate designs and patterns can be used as a feature element in your design scheme, complemented with the use of more simple styles in order to keep the a clean and clutter-free look in your bathroom. Alternatively, stylish mosaics can be used to create era specific designs and patterns that evoke the traditional stylings of the past while offering a unique textured element in your design. 


A modern bathroom renovation by Perini Renovations, this design uses crisp white finishes paired with a soft grey stone benchtop and matching feature floor tiles that respect the home’s heritage while complementing the overall modern look. 

Selecting Colours and Finishes for your Bathroom Renovation 

Each era of home design uses a specific colour palette that includes a selection of finishes and tones that were popular in that specific period. Victorian era homes for example, often feature warm timber floor finishes as well as a colour palette of dusty blues, mossy greens as well as softer neutrals for a balanced look. An Art Deco inspired home however, will often feature a palette of luscious natural marble finishes paired with striking black and white colours, navy blue and pastel green, exuding an air of opulence and luxury. When renovating a period style bathroom, researching the traditional colour palettes of your home’s era is an excellent place to start on your project as it will offer the perfect direction for your new bathroom design. 

Art Deco bathroom

Heavily inspired by the Art Deco era, our Hawthorn bathroom renovation uses a bold black and white colour scheme paired with the warmth of the home’s original timber flooring. The very unique vanity unit features a Nero Marquina marble countertop, a material that features prominently in Art Deco inspired colour palettes as it perfectly suits the glamorous vibe of this particular time period. 

Selecting Bathroom Fittings for a Period Style Home 

When renovating a period style bathroom, you may prefer to use completely modern designs when it comes to selecting your new bathroom fittings or instead, you can opt for fittings and fixtures that have been specifically designed to recreate the looks of the past while still offering all the modern luxuries of the bathroom. Clawfoot bathutbs for example, offer a perfectly vintage inspired statement piece for the bathroom and can be complemented by both modern and traditional styled fittings. Traditionally styled bath fillers can be used that will offer a classic and timeless elegance to the space while still incorporating modern features such as handheld showers, diverters and more. 


Using bathroom fittings and accessories that are designed in traditional styles can really lift a period style bathroom design, creating an air of romance and luxury in the space. The Kado Era Freestanding Clawfoot Bathtub perfectly suits a vintage inspired design and can be ordered with either chrome, gold or black feet to enable a consistent colour scheme in the bathroom with matching tapware and accessories. 

Creating the perfect period style bathroom design offers a world of possibilities. You have the option of creating an entirely modern look or to create a unique design that is inspired by your home’s specific era while still offering all the modern luxuries one would expect in the bathroom. Our design team at Perini Renovations will assist and guide you through the process of creating the perfect colour palette as well as the selection of your ideal bathroom fittings and fixtures to help you create a space that is truly unique.