Kitchen Design Finishes: Are Samples Accurate?

Perini Team

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 An exciting part of the kitchen renovation process, selecting your colours, materials and finishes using sample swatches will provide you a more accurate representation of the end result rather than relying on images alone. Samples of stone benchtops, laminate or vinyl wrap cabinetry can all be ordered online from the respective manufacturer’s websites, whereas other finishes such as two pack cabinet finishes for example, will have to be custom made to your specifications. As sample swatches are normally quite small in size however, how accurate are they? 

 Stone Benchtop Samples 

Samples of engineered stones can usually be ordered from the manufacturer’s website, where images of the entire slab of stone can also be viewed. These samples are normally quite small, usually around 6 x 7cm in size, allowing only a small representation of the overall slab. While these samples are extremely useful in gaining an accurate representation of the main colour of the stone, they do not offer an overall snapshot of the slab in its entirety and any variations that may be present in the specific design. These samples have been cut off a large slab (usually these slabs are approximately 3050 x 1440mm in size) so any veining or other sorts of patterns will not always show up on the smaller sample pieces. It is often recommended that you contact your nearest engineered stone manufacturer showroom to arrange a visit where you can view the entire slab before making any final decisions as the patterns on the stone’s surface may be much more dramatic (or perhaps less so!) than you may think! 

Caearstone’s luxurious White Attica stone benchtop features varied veins, mimicking the organic look and feel of a natural marble stone. It is recommended that any stones featuring bold patterning should be viewed in their entirety in the Caesarstone showroom in order to gain a better understanding of the overall look of the product prior to making a final decision. 

The same can also be applied to natural stone benchtops: it is always best to arrange a visit with your Stonemason where you can view the stone slabs in their entirety prior to making any final decisions. Your Stonemason will also give you the opportunity to view their stock and select the exact piece of stone that you will use in your own kitchen renovation, reserving the slab specifically for your project. 

Laminate and Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Cabinetry Samples 

Once again, laminate and vinyl wrap kitchen cabinetry samples can be ordered online from their respective manufacturer websites. Manufacturers such as Laminex or Polytec for example, each have their entire catalogues available for viewing online, where you can also order samples of the specific colour, finish or texture you are after. These sample swatches, although quite small in size, will usually offer a much more accurate reading of the final product as most options are of a solid colour without any form of patterning. Both laminate and Vinyl wrap manufacturers do also include a collection of timber-look products within their collections however, these will normally feature a linear grain with little to no ‘knotting’ as often seen in natural timber products, once again making it easier to determine if this is the right product for you from a simple sample swatch. 


Laminex offers a vast range of choices when it comes to selected laminate products for your kitchen renovation, including benchtop and cabinetry options. 

There are of course some exceptions, especially when it comes to selecting from premium range laminate products. With the introduction of better manufacturing techniques, laminate collections have expanded over the years to now include a range of more premium finishes. These include stone-look laminates that are suited as a kitchen benchtop, as well as timber-look laminates that feature more of a natural look in their timber texture and tonal variations in comparison to the more linear designs. These specific options should be viewed in a showroom prior to making a final decision as these too can show a lot more variation than expected when the entire sheet is viewed in person. 

When it comes to selecting a laminate benchtop, you will have the choice of choosing from more patterned options as well as solid colours. As with stone benchtops, seeing the entire sheet of laminate prior to finalising your choices is the best way to make an informed decision as this will ensure you are aware of and comfortable with the patterning of the overall sheet. Contact your nearest laminate showroom to arrange a visit with their team where you can also bring your kitchen plans and coordinating samples for a more thorough idea of the entire look. 

Two Pack Cabinetry Samples 

Part of the appeal of two pack painted kitchen cabinetry is that it is a completely custom option. You have the freedom of selecting a custom colour and also specifying the exact sheen level of your cabinets, from a complete matte finish to an ultra-high gloss and anything in between. Samples are also custom made in order to make a better informed decision for your next kitchen renovation. As can be expected, there is normally a small cost for a Cabinet Maker to create a sample however it will allow you a perfect representation of the end result for peace of mind. 

Our beach side South Melbourne kitchen renovation includes a bold two-toned two pack colour scheme that perfectly reflects the sandy colours of the beach views. 

Although it can sometimes be difficult to picture just how every different element of your kitchen design will come together, using samples of each product will offer a realistic snapshot of the final look and allow you to create a perfectly coordinated and harmonious colour scheme. Our design team at Perini Renovations will assist and guide you through the process of selecting your ideal colours and finishes to ensure the perfect end result in your next kitchen renovation.