Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

Perini Team

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Kitchen design trends of 2020 place a strong emphasis on maintaining a timeless design aesthetic while also creating a stronger sense of warmth and comfort in the home. More organic patterns, materials and finishes are being included in kitchens, often pairing more traditional, luxurious materials such as marble or granite with contemporary design elements, meshing the old with the new to achieve a dramatic, timeless style. 

The following trends are expected to take the design world by storm in the new year!

Curved Benchtops & Kitchen Cabinetry

With a nod to Art Deco design styles, curved benchtop edges or kitchen cabinetry styles are being included in more and more kitchen designs the world over. Aside from creating an organic flow and aesthetically pleasing feature in the home, these curved surfaces also provide a safer design solution, where sharp edges are entirely eliminated. 

Curved features make for a softer design style in the home. This sophisticated mint green kitchen uses a curved benchtop paired with a rounded supporting pillar to enhance the organic shapes included in this design. Visit Laminex Australia for more colour inspiration!

Porcelain Benchtops

Quartz kitchen benchtops have long been a favourite choice in interiors however we are seeing a rise in popularity of porcelain surfaces in the home. Porcelain provides a highly durable, stain, scratch and even temperature resistant benchtop choice that can even withstand hot trays straight from the oven being place directly on the surface, making it ideal for the busy home cook. Porcelain benchtops are available in a wide variety of colour and pattern choices, from solid coloured suede finishes to natural stone or concrete inspired pieces, perfect for the modern home.

Kitchen Larder 

A very traditional style of pantry, a larder provides an incredible amount of storage space, assisting in freeing up other areas in your kitchen. The bonus of opting to include a custom designed and built kitchen is that you can choose what elements are included in your larder, from built-in wine racks, pull-out shelves or chopping boards, as well as inner drawers, custom spice shelving, concealed bench space for both storing and using smaller appliances, and much more! A custom designed kitchen offers endless design possibilities, making more versatile and efficient storage solutions such as a larder style pantry, a worthwhile choice to explore.

Natural Materials

From marble and granite benchtops to textured timber cabinetry, natural materials provide an unparalleled warm feature in any design, creating a welcoming, earthy vibe in the kitchen. Feature marble or granite benchtops continue to be a popular choice, especially when paired with the tactile elegance of natural timber feature cabinetry for an added textural element.

This exquisite Armadale kitchen remodel by Perini Renovations pairs a natural marble stone benchtop with pure white quartz surfaces to create a well-balanced and harmonious design style.

Slim Format Mosaic Tile Splashbacks 

Mosaic tiles form an inviting feature in the kitchen, with slimmer styles or formats becoming a prominent element in trending kitchen designs. These slimmer, slightly elongated mosaic tiles create a superbly patterned splashback choice, instantly adding a dramatic element in your kitchen renovation. As future trends evolve, your kitchen splashback can be replaced with minimal fuss to welcome in a fresh new look, allowing you the perfect canvas for your creativity to shine! 

Rich in charm and character, Perini Tiles’ Suki mosaic tile collection is available in four trending colours, including a smooth off white, soft blue and fresh, mint green to compliment your new kitchen design.  

Trending Cabinetry Colours & Finishes

Modern kitchens are including more colourful elements paired with sharp metallic hardware for the ultimate in luxury home design. These bolder aesthetic elements are offset by soothing, warm greys, milky whites and deep charcoal tones for a well-balanced final look. 

Trending colours in kitchen cabinetry and decorative accessories include mint greens, deep, ocean hues as well as the more playful tones of blush, mustard and burnt orange. These very retro inspired colour palettes are accentuated with the use of matte or semi-sheen surface finishes, creating more comforting, earthy vibe in the home. 

Complete your colour scheme with trending hardware and tapware choices, from the more everyday chrome or stainless steel finishes as well as more luxurious, contemporary options such as brass or matte black.

A compact yet highly functional design, this Fitzroy kitchen remodel by Perini Renovations makes use of several different design elements and textures to create a luxurious and versatile space. Two-toned kitchen cabinets are complimented by a stunning island with the addition of a glass mosaic tile feature, in contrast with the warmth and texture of the timber flooring.

With more variety available in kitchen design materials and finishes, there truly is a world of possibilities to explore throughout the process of planning your kitchen renovation. Our experienced and knowledgeable team at Perini Renovations can guide you through the process, introducing you to all the latest in kitchen design trends.