Modern Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Perini Team

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A kitchen’s splashback provides the perfect canvas to show off your creativity. Unlike kitchen cabinetry and benchtops, a splashback can be quite straight forward and cost effective to replace later on down the track, allowing you the freedom to select your favourite trending colours and materials and then swapping things out as your tastes evolve over time. There are many modern options to consider, from luxurious mirrored finishes to mosaic tiles, sleek, grout-free porcelain panels and more!

Mirror Splashbacks

Mirror kitchen splashbacks offer an ultra-modern alternative to the more traditional glass option, creating a luxurious and light-filled atmosphere in your design scheme. This solution provides many benefits, from allowing light to reflect and travel throughout the room to providing an ever-changing splashback solution when reflecting your interior or an adjacent outdoor space, bringing the beauty of nature into the home. A mirror splashback will also assist in creating the illusion of a much larger kitchen, making this design choice especially ideal for smaller rooms where space is at a premium.

perini reno kitchenThis Glen Iris kitchen renovation uses a mirror splashback to reflect the home’s open plan design and luscious courtyard, creating a delightful ever-changing splashback that also works as a means of reflecting light about the space. 

Porcelain Sheet or Stone Splashbacks

Create a harmonious look in your next kitchen renovation by carrying your stone or porcelain benchtop finish up to your splashback to create a seamless look. An elegant and sophisticated modern design choice, using a porcelain sheet or slab of stone as your splashback offers a grout-free solution that becomes a breeze to maintain and keep tidy in a busy kitchen. 

In order to meet Australian Standards, should you be using a gas cooktop in your kitchen renovation your splashback must either be installed with a minimum clearance of 200mm to the nearest gas burner or be made of a non-combustible material. Although porcelain sheets will normally meet these requirements (always check with the manufacturer!) in allowing their installation with less than a 200mm clearance, both engineered and natural stones do not so will require some extra attention during the design phase of your project.

perini reno kitchenOur Balwyn kitchen renovation includes a sleek white colour scheme to create a stunning modern vibe in this home. The stone benchtop material has also been used as a splashback, ensuring a low maintenance, seamless and elegant design feature. 

Mosaic Tile Splashbacks

Mosaic tiles provide the perfect solution to create a point of interest in your kitchen, allowing you the ultimate creative freedom in your design. From solid hues to cascading blends of colour, mosaic tiles can be used in many ways to create a personal and unique feature in your kitchen renovation. Using an epoxy grout to minimise the build-up of grime and dirt in your grout lines, a mosaic tiled splashback will not require anywhere near as much maintenance as one would expect. This specialised grout is made of epoxy resins and a filler powder, making it a highly durable option that is almost completely stain and water proof. Unlike more traditional cement based grouts, an epoxy grout will not absorb liquids, leading to a virtually maintenance free option for your new kitchen splashback. 

perini Bisazza splash backOur Armadale kitchen renovation features a blended colour mosaic feature splashback in varying shades of gold and copper to perfectly complement the classic tones and design elements of the home. The tiled splashback is reflected in the copper mirror panel over the induction cooktop, creating a sense of drama in this design. 

Unique Patterned Splashbacks

Create a sense of drama in your kitchen using a unique patterned splashback tile. Aside from using blocks or blends of colour with mosaic tiles, you can also create intricate geometric patterns or murals to inject your kitchen design with life, energy and movement. Once again, the use of an epoxy grout is recommended for ease of maintenance in your new kitchen, ensuring the splashback materials’ longevity and durability. Mosaic tiled patterns and murals can be selected from a range of set designs or completely custom made to your exact specifications and preferences, ensuring a completely unique and personal touch in your kitchen renovation.

Bisazza kitchenBisazza mosaic tiles have been used in this luxurious kitchen design to create a stunning patterned splashback as well as a striped feature panel on the face of the island bench. You will find Bisazza’s collection of exquisite luxury mosaic tiles available at Perini Tiles. 

Creating a showstopping splashback in your kitchen renovation is simple using the right materials. These modern solutions each introduce an element of interest, drama, elegance and charm in any design, allowing you to showcase your own unique and personal style. Our experienced and knowledgeable team at Perini Renovations will be able to assist and guide you through the process of renovating your kitchen, from the early concept and design stages, through to selecting your ideal finishes and fittings, as well as throughout the entire construction process.