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New Kitchen Designs that we will be seeing more of in 2020

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Kitchen designs through 2020 will be placing a stronger emphasis on creating a clutter-free environment, ensuring there is a dedicated space for each necessary item and thus keeping our working and living environments much more organised. As such, our material selections in the kitchen become a key focal point, adding warmth and movement to your interior design scheme. Following up from our previous post about kitchen design trends of 2020, we’ll be exploring some more of the key features and benefits that are actually driving these trends, from nature inspired interiors to including more sustainable design choices in the home. 

Nature Inspired Kitchen Designs

With a stronger emphasis on eco-friendly choices in the home and in our lifestyle, it certainly is no surprise that interior design trends are gearing towards including more sustainably sourced materials, as well as a colour palette that is a true reflection of nature. Think warm, earthy tones, emerald greens and deep ocean blues paired with the more traditional neutral tones such as crisp, clean whites, warm greys and charcoal as well as the inclusion of more natural materials such as marble and timber throughout the kitchen.

Natural stone finishes such as marble, often feature bold veins, making for a powerful impact in a kitchen design. The key to creating a harmonious aesthetic that emphasises the natural beauty of this material is to limit the amount of patterns and textures that are included in your design. Consider using the same stone on your splashback as you are for your benchtop, thus eliminating a contrasting element from your splashback, creating a more continuous feel. This technique effectively limits the amount of finishes competing for attention in your space, making the stone the centrepiece of the overall design. Complement the bold veins of marble surfaces with warm, honey toned rustic timbers for a truly elegant feel that will never go out of style. 

Sustainable Products & Materials

Further establishing a connection with nature, 2020 kitchen designs will also feature a stronger emphasis on more sustainable materials. One such material is Terrazzo stone which has already been making a strong comeback in the design world thanks to its timeless elegance and appeal. Being predominately made using recycled materials such as chips of marble, glass and quartz that is then embedded in concrete for a hard wearing finish, the manufacturing process of Terrazzo stone helps eliminate waste from the stone industry, saving precious resources from making their way to landfill while creating something incredibly beautiful and unique.

As timber continues to be a prominent feature in kitchen designs of 2020, considering sustainably sourced hardwoods is an excellent way to ensure the longevity, quality and of course, the sustainability factor of your design. Bamboo is renowned for its incredibly environmentally friendly characteristics, as well as for being one of the strongest hardwoods available. Bamboo is ready to harvest after only a few short years, with the additional benefit of requiring zero chemicals, pesticides or fertilizer to grow, while the roots also have the ability to self-regenerate. 

kitchen designs 2020Pictured here in a trending brushed nickel finish, the Grohe Essence Pull Out Sink Mixer has a WELS rating of 6, saving 5L of water per minute in comparison to 3 star rated tapware options. The Australian Government provides in depth information on how to compare the water efficiency of your selections in this handy guide.

Another way to introduce more sustainable products in your new kitchen is to pay close attention to your selected fittings, lighting solutions and appliances, ensuring that they are both water wise and energy efficient. These items are often used on a daily basis, and most appliances such as refrigerators for example, are seldom switched off. By ensuring your selections provide more efficient use of utilities, you are effectively reducing your home’s carbon footprint and creating a reliable space that can be enjoyed for many years to come!

Minimalist Kitchen Designs

A minimalist kitchen design creates a clean, crisp and structured atmosphere in the home, placing a strong emphasis on more efficient storage solutions in an effort to not only eliminate clutter from the space but also to create a more comfortable working environment. We’ll be seeing plenty of minimalist designs throughout the new year and beyond, with handle-less kitchen cabinetry being a prominent feature of this design aesthetic. A minimalist kitchen is achieved by effective design and planning practices, ensuring that the end result truly has a dedicated space for each and every item that needs to be in the kitchen, from small appliances to preparation, storage, work zones and better organised food storage areas. Your selection of materials becomes the key focus in these designs, with sleek cabinetry and natural stone benchtops and splashbacks being strong features of this particular design style. 

kitchen trends 2020A Balwyn kitchen renovation completed by Perini Renovations, this space perfectly balances crisp white finishes with a light timber for an ultra-modern design aesthetic.

Feature Kitchen Island Designs

A properly designed kitchen island becomes a crucial gathering point in the home. It is not only used as a preparation area but will also become a place for getting homework done, a home office or study, a place to spend time with friends over a cup of coffee. Being a very well sought after feature in modern kitchens, we’ll be seeing plenty of very versatile kitchen island designs in 2020, including double islands in larger homes that act as a feature piece of furniture in the space. This kitchen design element encourages a sense of togetherness in the home, as we all have a tendency to flock around it to spend quality time with one another, making it an excellent design element to feature in your new kitchen design.

kitchen designs 2020This Armadale kitchen renovation by Perini Renovations boasts are large central island, topped with a stunning natural marble countertop, creating a luxurious vibe in the space.

Porcelain Kitchen Tiles

Providing a virtually maintenance-free surface finish for the busy kitchen, porcelain tiles are certainly continuing to be a prominent feature of kitchen designs. Offering a hard wearing floor finish, a versatile splashback option and even a stunning feature across the face of our kitchen islands, tiles are available in such a wide assortment of colours, patterns, textures and even shapes, providing the ultimate design element to add that creative, personal touch to your home. We’ll be seeing plenty of exciting, colourful and textured kitchen tiles being used in the new year, once again embracing more organic, earthy tones as well as the distinct textures provides by handmade tiles to enhance a feeling of warmth and comfort in the home. 

kitchen porcelain tilesPorcelain floor tiles provide the ultimate in low maintenance kitchen flooring solutions, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your home rather cleaning it! Featured in the trending chevron pattern, the Mate porcelain tile collection available at Perini Tiles includes porcelain recreations of both concrete and marble surfaces.

2020 Kitchen design trends will feature inspired colour palettes, filled with natural materials and textures as well as sophisticated appliances, layout and storage solutions that ultimately work to create a more comfortable and efficient home. We are most definitely looking forward to seeing many more exciting designs in the new year!