Storage Solutions for a Better Organised Bathroom

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When planning a bathroom renovation, spending some time considering the many storage options is crucial in creating a space that will work best for your needs and lifestyle. There are many options to consider, including drawer organisers, pull-out accessories, re-purposed furniture and more, each offering a range of benefits that will allow for a more creative and intentional design in your home. 

Vanity Storage Options

A custom vanity design in your bathroom renovation can include drawer storage, cupboard space, or a combination of both options depending on your preferences and will usually offer the greatest amount of storage in your design. Including a few practical accessories within the unit itself is the best way to ensure more efficient and versatile storage that will help keep your bathroom well organised and make cleaning up a breeze.

Drawer Organisers

Simple drawer organisers will go a long way to making the most of any shallow drawers in your vanity unit. Include dividers or trays in your drawers that can be used to store assorted smaller pieces that can often become lost in storage such as hair ties and clips, cotton buds, cosmetics, combs and brushes, lotions etc. 

storage solutionsNot just for kitchen drawers, stainless steel drawer organisers can also be used in the bathroom to diversify your storage and allow you to keep all of the smaller items often found in the bathroom neatly arranged.

Pull-out Bathroom Bins

Including a small bin in your bathroom design is a great way to help reduce clean up time in the space. Bathroom bins can either be included inside a large drawer or mounted onto your vanity’s cupboard door for ease of use. 

storage solutionsLarger vanity units can also include a dedicated bin drawer in their design, making for a more versatile and practical solution. Hafele’s Hideaway bins can be mounted in a drawer to create a pull-out bin system for your bathroom.

Wall Storage

Taking advantage of any available wall space in the bathroom provides another excellent way to diversify the space and is especially effective in small bathroom layouts where storage options can often be at a premium. Where space allows, solutions to consider include: traditional medicine cabinets over your vanity unit, open shelves over your bathtub or within your shower enclosure, shower caddies and tall cupboards. 

Medicine Cupboards

A common inclusion in most bathroom designs, medicine cabinets offer efficient storage space for daily bathroom necessities such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, hair combs and brushes, sprays, lotions, and more. These cupboards can either be custom designed or purchased from your local bathroomware retailer and can be made especially versatile with the inclusion of a hidden power point within the cupboard itself; handy for charging shavers and electric toothbrushes!

Open Shelves & Shower Caddies

Aside from open shelves or caddies being used within your shower enclosure or over your bathtub for shampoo, conditioner and soap storage, open shelves can also be added in other spots around your bathroom design for added storage options. Open shelves can be used on any blank wall to add space for smaller items such as extra soaps or hand towels, scent diffusers or shaving necessities to name a few. 

Tall Cupboards

Where space allows, including a tall cupboard in your bathroom renovation will allow for a huge storage boost in the space, keeping items such as extra towels, bottles, lotions and other items within reach. This solution allows you to keep all bathroom necessities where they are needed most rather than including them in other storage areas of the home such as hallway cupboards or linen closets. A tall bathroom cupboard can also house many functional accessories to help make clean up easier in the bathroom such as pull-out bins and laundry hampers, effectively minimising mess and keeping clutter at bay. 

storage solutionsA pull-out laundry hamper can be included within a tall cupboard in your bathroom design which will help minimise mess and make household chores much simpler.

Decorative Storage Options

Including functional furniture and accessories within your bathroom can add a further layer of storage, assisting in making the space more efficient while also adding a decorative touch. Large clear glass canisters can be used to store brightly coloured handmade soaps or bath bombs, baskets are ideal for extra towels and decorative trays can be included on your vanity top to house smaller used items that are used most often throughout the day such as toothbrushes and toothpastes stored in a tumbler, perfume bottles and daily lotions. 

bathroom storage solutionsOur elegant Hawthorn bathroom renovation includes a luxurious black armoire. The piece ties in seamlessly with the overall design and includes a large mirror as well as an abundance of added storage in the space. 

Another exciting storage solution for larger bathrooms, repurposed pieces of furniture can be included in your design a both a decorative and practical element. A luxurious armoire or chest of drawers can be re-finished to match your chosen colour scheme, creating a stunning feature in your bathroom renovation while also serving a practical purpose.

The key to creating a versatile bathroom storage plan is to be intentional with what you decide to include, ensuring each item is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves a purpose in the space. Our team at Perini Renovations will help you create your dream bathroom, making sure all storage is well thought out and organised to ensure both a beautiful and functional space that will be enjoyed for many years to come!