The Latest Bathroom Fittings

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Planning a successful bathroom renovation involves many steps, from deciding on your preferred bathroom tiles and colour scheme, to selecting quality tapware and fittings that will work best for your needs. When selecting your new bathroom tapware, there are several things to consider, from the specified WELS rating and water pressure to the overall functionality and style of each selection. Our guide to the latest bathroom fittings delves into all of the most important considerations that will affect your final decision. 

What is a WELS Rating?

A WELS Rating (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) is an Australian urban water saving system that has been developed to assist in selecting more water-wise products in terms of tapware and shower fittings.

All showers, sink and basin fittings that are sold in Australia are assigned a WELS rating, with a higher star rating equating to a higher amount of water efficiency. They must include a Flow Restrictor Device or Disc (FRD) that restricts the flow of water to a fair level, thus reducing the amount of water that is being released. 

perini-renovation-twin-shower Methven’s Krome Twin Shower System includes advanced Airstream™ technology that combines water with air, increasing both the volume and pressure of your shower experience while providing a highly water efficient solution.

With the issue of sustainability continuing to be at the forefront of the modern design world, water efficient bathroom fittings play a crucial part in helping to reduce your home’s water consumption, ultimately leading to less utility use as well as providing financial savings over time. 

Restricted Water Flow: How is Water Pressure Effected?

Aside from ensuring a water efficient solution, another key concern when selecting modern bathroom fittings is the amount of water pressure, especially when it comes to shower heads. Modern tapware and shower systems offer water efficient solutions without compromising on the overall quality of the bathing experience but rather, enhancing it altogether. There are many options available that provide an incredibly satisfying solution; Methven’s innovative collection of best-selling showerheads combine water with air to provide a refreshing shower experience. Their Aurajet® and Airstream™ shower systems deliver an incredibly efficient shower with 20% more spray force and double the amount coverage when compared to a traditional shower of the same flow rate. 


Methven’s Aurajet® shower collection features a halo shaped showerhead, creating a luxurious shower experience with 20% more spray force and twice the amount of coverage than a conventional shower.

Trending Tapware Finishes

Aside from the traditional chrome fittings we have become accustomed to seeing in the bathroom, many different tapware finishes have become available over recent years. From matte black tapware to bright gold, brass, rose gold or copper and white, bathroom taps are available in a myriad of different finishes to suit your own unique style. 

Aside from your bathroom tiles, your tapware will be a standout feature in the space, contributing to your scheme’s overall look. Select a finish that ties in well with your chosen theme; for example, matte black tapware works exceptionally well in a contemporary or modern bathroom design scheme, while also lending itself well to transitional and even Scandinavian styled bathrooms. Brass and gold fittings on the other hand, make for the perfect complement to a classic or traditional design scheme, creating an air of luxury in the space.

Modern Bath & Shower Solutions

Aside from your tapware’s WELS rating and finish, the item’s features and functionality are paramount in making your final decision. 

perini-bathroom-renovationThis luxurious Balwyn bathroom renovation by Perini Renovations includes a freestanding bathtub and bath filler as well as a handheld shower attachment for the ultimate bathing experience.

The key factors to consider when selecting your new bathroom fittings include:

  • Do you prefer a mixer or separate hot and cold tap set? Your Plumber or Builder will advise you of any potential costs if you are considering upgrading from separate taps to a mixer in your bathroom renovation.
  • Will your basin tapware be mounted on the wall or on your bathroom vanity top? Mounting your tapware on the wall is an incredibly effective space saving solution when it comes to renovating a small bathroom.
  • Are you including a bathtub in your design? If so, will your bathtub’s tapware be wall mounted or do you prefer a floor mounted freestanding column? You can also opt for a simple bath spout or include a handheld shower attachment that will not only enhance your bathing experience, but also make it easier to keep your new bathtub clean.
  • Are you including a twin shower system or a single shower rose? Once again, a handheld shower attachment provides the additional benefit of making it easier to clean your shower. 

There is an incredible amount of choice available when it comes to selecting tapware for your bathroom renovation, from the amount of colours and finishes available to the fitting’s overall water efficiency and functionality. By being specific about your desired options when it comes to selecting your new bathroom fittings, you are effectively narrowing down your options, making the selection process much more straight forward. 

Our experienced team at Perini renovations will guide you through the process of selecting your fittings for your bathroom renovation, ensuring each item meets and exceeds your expectations. Contact us here to arrange a consultation!