The Latest cook tops and Ovens to consider for your New Kitchen

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There are many decisions to be made when planning a kitchen renovation and one of the most important of these is your appliance selection. With a great deal of advances being made in kitchen appliance technology, there are so many wonderful cooking features available in modern cooktops and ovens that will help make the cooking process that much more enjoyable! We’re running through some of the top features to look out for when making your selection, from self-cleaning pyrolytic ovens to cooktops that will automatically turn on your rangehood.


Comparing 10 leading brands, Canstar Blue’s 2019 review includes all the top kitchen appliance brands, with Electrolux’s range claiming the number one spot with the most satisfied customers overall. 

Electrolux’s Multifunction Pyrolytic Duo Oven includes both bake and steam functions, providing more versatility when cooking healthy meals. 

Electrolux has incorporated several smart features into their designs over the years, making their kitchen appliances top sellers throughout the country with prices starting from around $2,000.00 upwards. 

Top features to look out for during your kitchen appliance hunt include:

Intuitive Oven Interface

A digital instruction manual built right into the oven, Intuitive Oven Interface is included in Electrolux’s E:Line collection of appliances. This technology is based on years of research, studying how exactly people use their ovens, and is designed to make the cooking process more enjoyable and straight forward. Layers of confusing symbols and terminology are stripped away, with the oven’s built-in technology that guides the user through each step to ensure a perfect meal every time. 

Smart Food Probe

The Smart Food Probe feature has the ability to measure the core temperature of your food while it is cooking to be able to automatically switch off the oven entirely once your meal is ready making it an extremely desirable feature to include in a busy family kitchen.

Pyrolytic Functionality 

An extremely popular feature in kitchen appliance technology, a pyrolytic oven has the ability to self-clean its interior. Once set to this function, the oven door will automatically lock into place for safety and your oven will reach a temperature of approximately 500°C, burning off any interior splatters. This process allows for a quick and easy clean up with a simple wipe down once the cycle is complete.

Another extremely popular range of kitchen appliances, Miele has long been a very well regarded brand, falling at the higher end of pricing with ovens starting from $2,000 up to $15,000. Packed with incredible cooking features, Miele ovens also promise to last a lifetime, thanks to their impeccable quality and durability. 

Packed to the brim with the latest in cooking technology and safety features, Miele’s PureLine oven is available in a brilliant white finish to suit both traditional and modern kitchen designs. 


Some noteworthy features to look out for when selecting a Miele oven for your kitchen renovation include: 

Self-cleaning Catalytic Enamel Panels

Aside from the self-cleaning pyrolytic feature, most Miele ovens will also come equipped with self-cleaning catalytic enamel panels. Keep an eye out for Miele ovens which include the PerfectClean feature: These models will contain an additional catalytic panel at the back of the oven which allow for any grease residue to be broken down during the cooking process, ensuring an easy to maintain oven that requires minimal effort to keep clean. 

Cool Touch Doors

An incredible family friendly safety feature to consider for your next kitchen renovation, Miele ovens are built with incredible insulation, resulting in an appliance that will stay incredibly cool to the touch, even at extreme temperatures. 

Another exciting feature available in Miele’s extensive range of kitchen appliances, Flexiclip runners are fully extendable, allowing baking trays to be pulled out completely while being held securely in any position, allowing for a much safer way to comfortably check or turn your food while cooking without running the risk of getting burnt. 


Once again, both Miele and Electrolux top Canstar Blue’s 2019 cooktop review, along with world renowned Italian appliance manufacturer, Smeg.

Key features to lookout for when selecting a cooktop for your next kitchen renovation include:

Electrolux’s FlexiBridge Feature
The FlexiBridge feature allows for customisation of your cooking area, with the ability to combine up to 4 cooking zones at once for larger pans. With consistent and even heat distribution, this feature also comes in handy when cooking several dishes at once. 

Sleek, minimal and stylish, this Electrolux Induction Cooktop includes both FlexiBridge and Hob2Hood functionality.

Electrolux’s Hob2Hood Feature

Hobs with a Hob2Hood capability will automatically switch on your rangehood and lights while cooktop is in use, allowing you to focus on your cooking rather than fiddling with fan and light adjustments. 

Most induction cooktops will also include automatic pot detection capabilities as an added safety feature, meaning the cooktop will only turn on when it detects that a pot has been placed on its surface. Make sure to lookout for this feature which is included in most modern induction cooktops!

Minimal and sleek in style, the Miele KMDA induction cooktop includes a built in extractor. This model is perfectly suited for kitchen designs where your cooking area will be placed on an island bench, or for homes where a more traditional extractor is not an option.

Another extremely desirable feature in modern cooktop technology is the ability to combine both gas and induction functionality in the one unit. This feature is especially desirable when it comes to regular wok cooking for example as this cooking method normally requires the emanating heat you can only achieve with a traditional gas burner. 

Have the best of both worlds with Smeg’s wonderfuly versatile Dolce Stil Novo combination gas and induction hob which includes a large gas burner as well as induction cooking zones for the ultimate in modern kitchen appliance technology.

Kitchen appliances are constantly being reimagined based on years of research into technology and the many different ways we all use our home kitchens. These are just some of the most noteworthy options available to you when embarking on your kitchen renovation journey; Our experienced team at Perini Renovations will assist you in selecting new appliances that will best suit your needs, budget and lifestyle.