Top Interior Design Trends of 2020

Perini Team

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Entering into a new decade, our tastes are shifting to accommodate more of a focus on the comforts of nature and home. Reflected in colour palettes and trends of 2020 is a more eco-conscious mindset, introducing more natural materials, tones and imagery in our designs with the use of extravagant colour schemes that recall the colours and textures most often seen in nature, ranging from luscious greens to earthy browns and deep blues. 

The following trends are expected to take the design world by storm throughout 2020, with an emphasis on showcasing the beauty of nature using bolder colours and textures being at the forefront of modern interiors in this new decade.

Trending Colours in 2020 

Bold, eclectic colour schemes provide a fabulous way to showcase your own unique design flair and creativity. Gem stone inspired tones such as deep sapphire, emerald green, burnt orange and bold burgundy hues will feature in interiors throughout 2020, softened with neutral toned pairings ranging from traditional warm whites, soft greys and earthy browns to more playful pastel tones such as sky blue, lemon and mint for a fresh look.

Perini Tiles red travertineWith a luscious range of tonal variation, Perini Tiles’ Red Travertine bathroom tile collection introduces a warm, nature-inspired feature element in the home. A delightful combination of warm greys, deep copper and earthy red tones, this collection makes for the perfect feature tile in your next bathroom renovation. Find more colourful tile inspiration here.

Vintage Elements

Expanding on the eclectic trending colour schemes of the coming decade, you can also expect to see plenty of vintage elements in our interiors. Vintage touches such as one of a kind furniture, decorative items and soft furnishings provide a warm sense of character and charm to any interior design scheme, once again encouraging more of a personal and characteristic interior. Aside from including vintage furniture or accessories in your home’s decorating scheme, you can also opt for aged or worn-look finishes in your kitchen or bathroom design with the use of worn brass fittings, ornately patterned tiles and luxurious vintage inspired light fixtures throughout the home. 

perini kitchen renovation in CollingwoodThis colourful and eclectic kitchen renovation includes bursts of colour in the peacock toned laminate kitchen cabinets and matching mezzanine bookshelf. The open plan design of this Collingwood studio apartment is completed with vintage pieces for a playful and warm touch that truly shows off the owner’s warm and vibrant personality. You will find more inspiration in our kitchen renovation gallery.

Including your favourite authentic vintage or antique pieces in your interior design scheme not only creates a charming and warm atmosphere in the home, but also offers a new lease on life to otherwise forgotten items, placing them once again at centre stage and making the very best use of our already existing resources.

Botanical Patterns

A classic design feature with timeless beauty and appeal, botanical prints and patterns inject your interiors with bursts of vibrant colour, energy and pattern. Introduce a touch of nature-inspired pattern and charm in your home’s soft furnishings such as cushions, tapestries and throws or, for a more dramatic look, consider creating a feature wall with botanical print wallpaper or large format porcelain sheets, as pictured in the example below. Porcelain tiles can not only be used in kitchens and bathrooms, but also in living areas, dining rooms or luxurious bedrooms for a truly show-stopping feature wall that has the added benefit of being virtually maintenance free.

Perini Tiles wallpaper tilesMade in Italy of 3.5mm ultra-thin porcelain panels, the Paper41 Pro collection features a wide selection of colourful and ornate patterns, including a series of botanical prints created using high definition digital ink. Pictured above in the spectacular Colette print, you will find the entire collection here.

Rustic Texture

Creating a warm and comforting atmosphere, the new decade sees interiors filled with delightfully tactile textures. From soft furnishings such as macramé or linen and hessian table runners, cushions and throws, to roughly textured surfaces such as industrial concrete and warm timbers included in our bathroom or kitchen renovations, you will find textural elements are the perfect way to create a luxuriously inviting interior design scheme.

perini renovation south MelbourneUsing Caesarstone’s concrete inspired surface Sleek Concrete™ 4003, our South Melbourne kitchen renovation complements this home’s ultra-modern design creating a fresh, clean and crisp look. 

2020 promises to be a year filled with spectacular colour schemes, incredible patterns, as well as delightful textures in the home, creating wonderfully welcoming interiors that are inspired by the organic beauty of nature. Our experienced team at Perini Renovations can assist you in selecting the perfect materials and colours for your home throughout the process of your renovation. Get in touch with us here to discuss your renovation project today!