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Appliance designs have always strived to make our lives easier, accommodating for better flexibility and versatility in one of the busiest spaces of the home, the kitchen. From healthier cooking solutions to higher connectivity and ingenious storage options in the home, the latest kitchen appliances offer innovative solutions to create the perfect design scheme that will best suit your lifestyle and needs. 

Healthier Cooking: Steam Ovens

Once only included in high end kitchen manufacturer’s catalogues, steam ovens are becoming increasingly popular and are now being included in many different appliance manufacturer’s collections, making them more accessible and streamlined. Steam ovens offer the benefit of providing a dedicated healthy cooker in your kitchen, allowing you to create delicious, perfectly cooked steamed dishes in a safe and simple way. 

kitchen appliancesOur Balwyn kitchen renovation includes a range of sleek and modern stainless steel appliances, perfectly contrasting the crisp, white two pack cabinetry. A built in steam oven and coffee maker are installed at the perfect height amongst the taller cabinets for optimum functionality and comfort when in use.

Colour: Black Matte Finishes

Matte black kitchen hardware continues to dominate modern kitchen renovations throughout 2020 and leading us into the new year. Providing a bold, elegant and timeless choice for the home, matte black finishes create a strong sense of grounding in any design providing a modern touch that contrasts your chosen colour scheme to create a harmonious style. With more freedom of choice now available to us, you will find matte black options available in kitchen cabinetry handles and knobs, tapware and even sinks to allow for a completely coordinated look and feel in your new design. 

black matte tap ware

 Oliveri’s luxurious Santorini Double Bowl Topmount Sink comes in a modern and smooth matte black finish and features two sliding glass panels that can be manoeuvred to completely conceal the sink bowls when not in use, creating the perfect sleek complement to a modern kitchen design.

Focus on Lifestyle & Digital Connectivity

Modern kitchen designs are centred on catering for our needs and unique lifestyles with smarter and more versatile appliances being included. From pull-out mini fridges or freezers to integrated wine cabinets that allow you to perfectly control the temperature, there are many solutions that are designed to cater for specific needs in the kitchen. 

modern appliances Fisher & Paykel’s CoolDrawer™ offers an incredible amount of versatility and customisation in any kitchen renovation. The unit can be used as a refrigerator, pantry or freezer with the simple push of a button.

Digital connectivity in the kitchen has been in development over the last decade, now allowing select appliances to be controlled remotely with the click of a button on a smartphone. Using smartphone apps or voice activated smart appliances (such as Google Home units or Alexa products for example) you can turn on the kettle for your morning coffee, start your dishwasher cycle and even set the oven timer without entering the kitchen, allowing for greater functionality and flexibility. 

Another exciting innovation we will be seeing much more of in modern kitchen appliances is built in cameras in the oven. Brands such as Miele and Electrolux are now including in-built cameras within the oven unit itself, allowing the user to monitor food while it is cooking without needing to constantly open the oven door releasing precious heat into the kitchen. 

Integrated Appliances & Appliance Cupboards

Integrated appliances have long been favoured in the kitchen and continue to do so in modern interior design schemes throughout 2020. Refrigerators and dishwashers can be concealed within your kitchen cabinetry (referred to as either fully integrated or semi-integrated when control panels are specifically designed to be left exposed) creating a completely streamlined effect in the space with continuous, clean lines. 

A nifty solution that can be included in your next kitchen renovation is the appliance cupboard. This is a dedicated cabinet included in your design that is specifically created to house small appliances such as kettles, toasters, slow cookers and more. Most often custom designed, this cupboard is created based on your own individual needs in order to keep your benchtops free of clutter while also allowing for a dedicated mini workspace within the kitchen where a Butler’s Pantry is not an option. Depending on your space’s constraints, items such as power-points, benchtops, shelving, utensil drawers and more can all be included in your new appliance cupboard, creating an incredibly versatile added cooking space that is neatly tucked away behind a cabinet door. 

With a strong focus on making life easier in these busy times, kitchen appliance designs now include higher functionality, connectivity and a larger variety of solutions to accommodate for our individual unique needs. Our design team at Perini Renovations will guide you through the process of selecting your ideal range of appliances for your next kitchen renovation, recommending the very best fits for your needs.