What is Vinyl Wrap? Everything you need to know

Perini Team

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Often used as an alternative cabinetry finish to two pack, vinyl wrapped cabinetry has continued to be popular in the world of interior design, making for an excellent choice in all areas of the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Our guide will assist you in making that crucial cabinetry finish choice for your next home renovation project.

What is Vinyl Wrap?

Also known as thermolaminated doors, vinyl wrap cabinetry is constructed using a moisture resistant MDF board that is covered with a durable vinyl material. The vinyl is put through a vacuum process to ensure a strong bond with the cabinet door, creating a stylish and versatile finish for the home. 

What Colours and Finishes are available?

Vinyl wrapped cabinetry manufactures offer a vast range of colours, finishes, textures and even sheen levels to help you create the exact look you are after in your next home renovation project. You have the option of selecting from a set range of colour choices that can be wrapped over a wide collection of cabinetry door styles (also referred to as door profiles) such as the popular shaker style cabinetry door faces that usually feature in Hampton’s style kitchen designs. 

Hamptons kitchen designOur Fitzroy kitchen renovation uses a classic and timeless shaker style cabinetry door face throughout the interior to create a luxurious element and add more depth to the Hampton’s inspired kitchen cabinetry.

Aside from the immense collection of colours available in vinyl wrapped cabinetry, you will also find a selection of textures and sheen levels to choose from, including timber textures, high shine options and smooth matte surfaces. 

Where can I use Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl wrapped cabinetry can be used throughout your home’s interiors, from custom made kitchen cabinetry to bathroom vanity units and medicine cabinets, laundry cupboards and even custom made joinery items for your home such as custom made TV units, wardrobes and more. Thanks to the durable finish of the vinyl paired with the moisture resistant internal structure of the door, vinyl wrapped cabinetry will make an excellent and long lasting choice for every space. 

Cleaning and Maintaining Vinyl Wrapped Cabinetry

Thanks to the smooth surface of this style of cabinetry, vinyl wrap is usually very simple and straight forward to clean and maintain, only requiring a wipe down with a damp soft cloth to clean up any messes. 

Although the surface finish can be susceptible to scratches with excessive force, individual cabinetry faces can be re-covered later on down the track to replace the damaged door. It is important to note in these scenarios however, that there may be issues sourcing the same colour due to it potentially having been discontinued over time. The newly replaced cabinetry door may also not tie in completely with the remainder of your existing cabinetry as there may also be some slight fading or discoloration occurring over the lifespan of the cabinets so looking after your vinyl wrap finished cabinetry is important in terms of maintaining the longevity of the design.

How much does Vinyl Wrap cost?

There are many different brands of vinyl wrapped cabinetry available to you during the kitchen renovation process, each with its own price point and various pricing tiers included within their own collections. You will find that textured and high-gloss vinyl wrapped surface finishes will often be priced higher than the standard solid coloured matte options so it is important to keep this in mind when making your design and colour selections. A quality vinyl wrap cabinetry finish will be priced higher than the cost effective laminate cabinetry options and less than the luxurious two pack cabinetry options, providing an excellent mid-range cabinetry finish that is both durable and stylish. Each project is costed individually as each design is completely unique so a complete and thorough quotation for your project will give you an accurate pricing for the product. 

Vinyl wrap offers a wonderful alternative cabinetry choice to two pack as (unlike other cabinetry finishes such as laminate for example) it can be vacuum sealed over more decorative door faces in order to create a sense of style and depth in your next interior design project. The hard wearing surface provides longevity and versatility in any design making in an excellent choice for all areas of the home, from the bathroom to the laundry and kitchen. Our design team at Perini Renovations will guide you through the selection process to ensure your new custom designed and made cabinetry meets (and exceeds!) your expectations!