What you need to know when choosing your Laundry Appliances & Fittings

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A well designed laundry will help you save time in the home by making daily tasks simpler and more efficient with the use of the latest in home technology. When it comes to selecting your new appliances and fittings for your laundry renovation, there are several key factors to consider before making any final decisions in order to find the best fit for your needs. These include: Understanding Energy Ratings, the different types of washing machines and dryers available and finally, organisational accessories, troughs and tapware.

Energy Ratings

Government regulated, Energy Rating Labels are attached to all home appliances and are a crucial factor to take into consideration whilst selecting your new laundry washer and dryer. These appliances are known for consuming a fair amount of power and as such, the more energy efficient your selections are, the better! Energy Rating Labels will show a star rating; the higher the rating, the more energy efficient your appliances will be leading to a more sustainable home as well as long term savings. You will also want to take note of the appliance’s Energy Consumption (which can also be found on Energy Rating Labels). This figure represents just how much electricity your selected model actually uses: the lower this figure is, the less energy the appliance will consume. 

laundry renovationWith a focus on comfort and efficiency, this bright and airy laundry room is part of our Balwyn home renovation. Featuring a large amount of bench space, incredible storage options and all the laundry necessities, this design allows for a versatile and highly functional room that makes household chores a breeze.

Washing Machines

Washing machines are most commonly available in two different models: Top or Front load. Your decision between the two will of course, come down to your own individual needs and preferences, as well as any potential constraints in your laundry design. 

Top load washing machines are best suited in laundry rooms where there is a fair amount of bench space as your laundry benchtop will be interrupted or stopped short of the appliance’s top to allow access. These models are also best suited for taller individuals who will have no trouble reaching into a deeper washing machine! 

Front load washing machines are accessed from the front face of the machine, allowing your laundry benchtop to run right across the top for a more flexible space which is especially useful in smaller laundry rooms. It should be noted that these models will require the user to be bent down to access the machine.

Different Types of Dryers

Unlike washing machines, there are several different types of clothes dryers, each with its own set of unique characteristics. These include: Vented, Condenser, Heat Pump and Washer/Dryer combo models.

Vented Dryers are perhaps the most common models thanks to their affordability and effectiveness. Hot air is released into a cavity which is in turn vented out of the appliance. These dryers do release hot and humid air into the laundry room so it is important to ensure adequate ventilation in the space. Ventilation solutions include: a close-by openable window, an exhaust fan installed in the laundry or the installation of a hose at the back of the dryer leading directly outdoors.

Condenser Dryers on the other hand, work by extracting moisture from the hot air that is released into your laundry, avoiding the humidity issues that are more common with vented dryers. The dryer will include a built-in tank or drain that collects the warm air which then condenses into water and can be manually emptied out as necessary or alternatively, the machine can be plumbed in for an automatic process. 

Heat Pump Dryers are usually the most energy efficient dryer option, making use of a heat pump that warms up the air in the machine to dry your clothes. Similar to condenser dryers, these models also drain condensation from hot air into a tank or drain and then the cool air in the machine is reheated and recirculated. Although these models have a higher initial purchase price, they are much more energy efficient in the long term.

Washer/Dryer Combos are an excellent choice for smaller laundry layouts and users with mobility issues as your laundry can be both washed and dried in the same appliance. It is important to note that a combination washer/dryer normally requires a longer time to complete both cycles when compared to the models listed above while also consuming around the same amount of power as having two separate appliances.

Laundry Fittings & Accessories

Laundry fittings and accessories should be chosen based on your own personal preferences and your intended use of the space. Laundry troughs for example, are available in a wide assortment of sizes, from smaller sinks best suited for a design with limited bench space to larger models that can have many different uses, from soaking clothes and filling mop buckets, to washing your pets. To increase your laundry renovation’s efficiency, you may also consider including a pull-out sink mixer. These mixers have proven to be extremely popular in the home thanks to their flexibility and multi-use functionality, making it simple to clean up, fill your mop buckets and plenty more!  

laundry fittingsOur Richmond bathroom renovation includes a dedicated laundry cupboard. Both compact and efficient, the space still manages to pack in all of the necessities, including a small laundry trough and mixer, ample storage and bench space, as well as a washer and wall mounted dryer.

To make the very best use of your new design, including a few select accessories in your laundry renovation will make for a more efficient and organised layout. Options include: Pull-out accessories in your cabinetry such as laundry hampers, ironing boards and cleaning caddies to the very versatile Robinhood wall mounted ironing centres that have been a popular choice in Australian homes for decades. You will find more detail and inspiration in our recent post which covers all of the latest laundry renovation ideas!

Most often a ‘strictly service’ area of the home, your new appliances and fittings will dictate just how functional and efficient your new laundry renovation will be so it is important to spend a little time making a well informed decision. Our experienced team at Perini Renovations will not only assist you in creating the most efficient layout, but also in deciding on the very best laundry solutions to fit your needs and lifestyle.